Nokia Introduces Advertisements To HERE Maps on Windows Phones


Nokia has formerly implemented advertising on the internet form of, however the services are available too on Microsoft's mobile OS. Nokia has become obviously moving to mobile to supply relevant adverts searching results, showing customers with related companies or sights. It's non-intrusive advertising with a few decent functionality to provide, but customers are are mixed around the idea.

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HERE's Pino Bonetti has confirmed the introduction of ads over on the discussion board:

"After moving out ads (e.g. with Groupon) on, we're presenting them on Home windows Phone 8 applications too. In the particular situation of HERE Maps, we're exhibiting in your area relevant advertisements searching results and nearby places [...] if you wish to see what their offer is about, you are able to click the banner to spread out the browser."

HERE Maps Places

The issue many seem to be asking is, "is Nokia right to do this?Inch A lot of our own visitors are questioning the implementation of advertising in something that they think they have taken care of with the prices from the Home windows Phone itself (Here's promoted included in the set of features).

Personally, while so Nokia offers HERE included in the overall Lumia experience, this is an exterior service and I am not really fussed whether Nokia selects for everyone me relevant adverts or otherwise. Nokia also is not function as the first company to push advertising on the service, as Google frequently will the same.

The advertising – whilst we have not experienced it ourselves by yet – seems to become non-intrusive and limited in character. There's not adverts for games, dating sites or charge card companies. rather, they are local, relevant adverts that may end up being rather helpful. Here's free of charge, and that i don't really observe how some light advertising will modify the services in an adverse way.

But if there is a choice to buy a regular membership to get rid of advertising? It is a possible route, but offering Because a totally free plan to Home windows Phone proprietors with the features is one thing we are sure a lot of us enjoy, even when there's a billboard every now and then. 

Perhaps you have experienced any ads while using the HERE services in your Home windows Phone? If that's the case, tell us within the comments and make certain to include your input in the thread on the forum.

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Nokia Unconcerned Regarding Increasing OEM Competition

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 8.51.47 AMAn interview with Nokia&#8217s Viral Oza within the Economic Times published today particulars the organization&#8217s mobile strategy in India and also the world in particular. Oza isn&#8217t worried about the opportunity of elevated competition, telling the Occasions that &#8220The entry more gamers within the Home windows Phone market can help the ecosystem to develop further.&#8221 Nokia&#8217s Lumia type of Home windows Phone mobile phones is just about the p facto make of mobile phone models, but there's been rumor of Sony jumping in to the ring this season. Then he seems to tie the doorway of recent hardware gamers to some more healthy application market: &#8220Also, more designers can come aboard, strengthening the ecosystem much more. For the reason that sense, it just encourages the customers to purchase Home windows Phone and broadening the ecosystem.&#8221 This can be a lengthy-term argument. Most probably the doorway of a big player, say The new sony for instance, could depress Nokia&#8217s short-term device sales. However in Oza&#8217s eyes, in the event that results in a more healthy platform, Nokia could sell more Home windows Phone mobile phone models in the long run, provided there&#8217s a far more healthy Home windows Phone. Nokia&#8217s Lumia group therefore might be prepared to cede short-term share of the market whether it ensures they get assist in growing Home windows Phone in the future. All of this becomes complicated for the reason that Nokia&#8217s Lumia clients are going to become Microsoft&#8217s Lumia business, but Microsoft has echoed the sentiment more gamers building Home windows Phone hardware is one thing to become searched for out, not frustrated like a firm, Microsoft doesn&#8217t need to make every Home windows Phone phone that's offered, publish its acquisition of Nokia&#8217s hardware group. Downloads Oza continues within the interview to go over download figures, something always worth analyzing when talking about the healthiness of a platform: Finances over 5000 designers in India, who develop applications for Home windows Phone platform. 65 % of downloads for India developed applications come from outdoors India, while 35 % comes from India. There's an enormous traction towards these India developed applications for Home windows Phone. Downloads in India remain 4 million downloads per week in the marketplace. This informs us that Indian designers are building British-language programs which are seeing global traction, which an industry how big India does around 16 million downloads monthly, or simply under 200 million annually at current pace. That figure scales, given Home windows Phone current share of the market tear within the Indian market. Tempering the above mentioned as unmitigated Read more [...]

Roundup App Update: App Folder, Netflix & 1Shot gets bumped

App Update Roundup

Simply because it is the weekend, not dare think for any second it's completely quiet. We have got a bit of application updates for you personally. Netflix joins Nokia's Application Folder and 1Shot within this weekend's roundup of application updates. Go by the break to determine what's new within the latest releases.


Netflix 3.5..16

Netflix is a well-liked on-demand service that's available too on Home windows Phone. Regrettably, the application is not quite up to date with choices on competitor platforms and misses features like profiles support. What's new in 3.5..16? We are much less sure. Nothing has sprung out when using the latest release, so we are presuming you will find only bug fixes.

You are able to grab Netflix in the Home windows Phone Store free of charge.

QR: Netflix

App Folder

Application Folder 1..9.5

Nokia's most widely known because of not just the superb hardware the organization pumps from its industrial facilities, however the software that follows a release. Including App Folder, the most recent offering in the Finnish company. The application, if you are unfamiliar with the title, allows you to definitely group application tiles into folders in your Start screen. 

The most recent version is just a minor update, but we are unsure of what's incorporated. We is possibly searching at fixes implemented for issues customers happen to be going through, including the rise in random starts over. Tell us within the comments in the event you place anything we have skipped.

Download Application Folder from the Nokia Collection around the Home windows Phone Store free of charge.

QR: App Folder


1Shot 1...2

If you are someone to take numerous shots together with your Home windows Phone, 1Shot is really a sweet little application to possess inside your toolbox. Here's what's new within the new edition:

  • Changed slider mobile phones for user selectable choices for ISO, Shutter Speed and Whitened Balance 
  • Set to fireplace auto-focus (on capture button tap) if mode selected is auto-focus and user has not drawn on on viewfinder to concentrate.

​You can download 1Shot from the Home windows Phone Store free of charge.

QR: 1Shot

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NOKIA LUMIA 1320 Available in Malaysia From 17th January

Nokia Lumia 1320

We've lately unboxed the Nokia Lumia 1320, your budget-friendly form of the Nokia Lumia 1520. The unit continues to be not broadly available, however, you can grab one on eBay should you can’t wait any more. Nokia Malaysia has additionally just introduced their prices and availability for that Lumia 1320. It'll start selling there on The month of january 17th for 1199 MYR (roughly $369 USD).

Within an e-mailed pr release, Dick Yoong, the nation Manager of Malaysia and Brunei of Nokia states:

"Building on the prosperity of the Lumia 1520, we looked to help expand our innovation offering by getting the very best Lumia encounters from Nokia and also the latest from Home windows Phone to some large screen smartphone, at a less expensive cost."

Nokia Lumia 1320

The Nokia Lumia 1320 includes a 6-inch 720x1280 display having a dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, 1 GB of RAM, microSD expansion, 3400 mAh battery along with a 5-megapixel camera. As the Lumia 1320 includes a lower cost point compared to Lumia 1520, still it brings high-finish encounters for example streaming limitless music free of charge with Nokia MixRadio and installing your preferred playlists for offline enjoyment. Additionally, it offers navigation and mapping services came from here Drive and HERE Maps, that can come pre-loaded.

Nokia Lumia 1320 purchasers will even like this the device’s 6-inch display supports super sensitive touch to ensure that it can nonetheless be combined with lengthy nails or perhaps with mitts on. Gorilla Glass 3 can also be incorporated.

Obviously, in a lower cost, you will see some sacrifices. The Lumia 1320 includes a less effective processor, lower screen resolution, lower megapixel count, less internal storage, and fewer RAM compared to Nokia Lumia 1520. We’ll have our full overview of the Lumia 1320 soon for additional particulars.

If you are in Malaysia, are you currently obtaining a Lumia 1320 around the 17th? Tell us within the comments!

Via smashpOp

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Lumia 920 & 820 Getting Lumia Black Update – India & Italy among the First

Lumia Black Lumia 920

Last we Nokia shared the Lumia Black update had begun the entire process of moving to various mobile phone models around the world. The Nokia Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020 were the very first products to get it, along with other products obtaining the update within the coming days. A support page was setup enabling you to look into the status from the rollout upon your country and company. We’re to not get tips that various unlocked (and locked) Lumia 820’s and 920’s are actually getting Lumia Black.

Lumia Black, as you need to know right now, is really a firmware update for Nokia mobile phone models. It brings additional features towards the mix like Nokia Glance Screen 2. and support for Bluetooth LE. It is also needed to operate newer and more effective and up-to-date Nokia applications like Refocus, Beamer, Storyteller and Camera.

The guidelines we’re receiving claim that Lumia 920’s which are unlocked in India are some of the places obtaining the update. In Italia, customers will also be apparently finding the Lumia Black firmware update on their own Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 products. If put forth the Nokia Support page you will see that a few of these regions continue to be listed as “coming soon”, meaning page is most likely just a little behind the bend. If you notice your company and region listed as not far off, you may be getting that update today.

Abby just checked his Lumia 920 and truly does possess the Lumia Black update open to him in India, his Lumia 920 is unlocked.

Possess a Lumia 820 or Lumia 920? You might like to get into your phone configurations and scroll lower towards the “phone update” section and appearance for those who have an update waiting. If you discover Lumia Black, make sure to list your phone, company, and country below within the comments. Remember to look at Nokia’s software update page to determine the status in your situation.

Best of luck and thanks for visiting Lumia Black.

Just tips everybody!

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