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Nokia with Continental Intensifying Alliance on Future Automobile Developments


Nokia today introduced joint development with Continental for next-gen Electronic Horizon, Automated Driving and new Intelligent Transportation Systems according to high precision map technology. Unveiling the intensification of stated collaboration in the United States Worldwide Auto Show in Detroit, the 2 companies will turn to "bring the Connected Vehicle to existence."

The 2 teams will start with the introduction of highly precise map technology for Continental's Electronic Horizon platform, that will enable automobiles to continuously determine its position on the path to within 3-8 inches. Maps includes a variety of road information, including lane markings and connectivity, speed restriction modifications, signs and much more. 

Fraxel treatments advancement will further bring automation into have fun with automobiles responding to shifting conditions, including altering speed limits and much more. It's thought this kind of advancement will enhance the overall experience for motorists in areas for example comfort, efficiency and safety.

Continental aims to supply a complete finish-to-finish connected Electronic Horizon solution, according to HERE services and knowledge, to vehicle producers worldwide. The organization is presently focusing on automobiles moving off set up lines by 2020. 

HERE Connected Driving

The collaboration between Continental and Nokia not just covers automated driving, but additionally lays fundamentals for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Both sides think that you will see numerous phases within the evolution towards connected ITS, which automated driving is a.

Ralf Lenninger, Mind of Interior Electronics Solutions, Continental said the next on present day announcement:

"With precise map data came from here and also the connected Electronic Horizon, we'll achieve developments across every area of today’s vehicle-based individual mobility. Using the connected Electronic Horizon, vehicle producers will have the ability to reduce their vehicles’ CO2-footprint by a minimum of two grams per kilometer. Additionally, exact map data can make the driving experience more fun and safe by supplying helpful details about road congestion to ensure that motorists can predetermine alternate routes, in addition to a method to adapt future Brought front lights functions towards the road ahead."

With Nokia shifting the business's focus to HERE, NSN and it is patent portfolio, we are excited to understand what Nokia intends to do later on, regarding not just telecommunication technology, but additionally making use of our lives.

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Application Update Roundup: Nokia Camera Beta Getting Amber Support, Evernote, and Readit, Receiving Additional Features

App Update Roundup

It's a later date, another batch of application updates for Home windows Phone. Just in case you've in some way skipped the shop notices or they haven't quite arrived at your smartphone yet, we have got your back. Today i will be searching at Readit, Nokia Camera Beta and Evernote. Mind on beyond the break for the particulars on what's new.


Readit 1.4.1.

​The popular unofficial Reddit client for Home windows Phone, Readit is a good application worth getting installed, whether you are an enthusiastic fan of multiple sub-reddits or just enjoy investing a couple of minutes every day searching at cat photos. It's our favourite Reddit client and also the developer has pressed out an extremely large update with plenty of changes and fixes. 

Here's a listing of all things that's new in version 1.4.1.:

  • Multireddits don't show a "." within the menu for remove yourself from list any longer
  • If "Show Read Posts" is off, and also you read the majority of a sub or perhaps the entire sub, links won't neglect to load any longer
  • "Show Comment Hierarchy Indications" option no longer working is bound
  • Treatment for the bug with new line/paragraph spacing issues
  • Live tile has become showing correct new message count after opening mailbox and shutting application
  • A publish with a lot of comments doesn't take a long time to load (as much as a few minutes) any longer
  • Subreddit search and manager visit &amplifier subscribe buttons align/size properly again
  • Application crash when attempting to submit a publish with no valid web connection has become fixed
  • Enhanced touch targets for comments and score counters

You are able to download Readit in the Home windows Phone Store for $1.99 (trial available).

QR: Readit

Nokia Camera

Nokia Camera Beta

The Finnish manufacturer has launched an update for that beta form of its camera application around the Home windows Phone Store. Within this new edition, it's mentioned that support continues to be implemented for Lumia Home windows Phones running the Amber software update. For anyone who is rocking a smartphone on stated firmware version, you'll have the ability to rock by helping cover their the most recent functionality.

If you want to test Nokia Camera in your Lumia Home windows Phone (and haven't had the ability to achieve this so far), read this beta version. You are able to download Nokia Camera Beta in the Nokia Collection around the Home windows Phone Store.

QR: Nokia Camera Beta


Evernote 4.2..1108

If you are unfamiliar with Evernote, it is a super popular mix-platform taking notes service, that has been on Home windows Phone for a while. The organization has launched an update presenting the Publish-it Note Camera feature. This new functionality enables you to definitely snap a photograph of the Publish-it Note to digitise and enhance handwritten to-dos and general notes.

The application instantly assigns notebook computers, tags and memory joggers to various colours of Publish-it Notes, that is a handy method of rapidly filing everything in the event you already use each colour for any different category. You can also add multiple Publish-it Notes one Evernote entry and check through handwritten text in images. 

You are able to grab Evernote in the Home windows Phone Store free of charge.

QR: Evernote

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Nokia Releasing Adobe Lightroom Color Profiles for Lumia 1520 & 1020 Raw Photography

Nokia Camera

Nokia has launched DNG colour profiles for Adobe Lightroom to create your photography workload simpler to deal with. Whether you are simply an enthusiast or perhaps a professional digital photographer and possess a Lumia 1520 or Lumia 1020, there's a high probability you are shooting in raw DNG format (using the Lumia Black update, obviously).

Although this format gives you the way to edit photos after taking them without compression (together with a default colour profile), Nokia has treated us with profiles for particular light sources in order to save a while and energy.

Colour profiles basically provide more particulars concerning the image under consideration (beyond camera information, exposure configurations, date, etc). Within the situation of Adobe Lightroom, the profiles tell the program suite how you can convert colours of the raw image file. The default profile can be used as a myriad of lighting, but Nokia provides three profiles for expensive, fluorescent and daylight-halogen.

DNG Colour Profiles
Default colour profile (left) versus expensive profile - Lumia 1520

So why wouldn't you begin using these colour profiles? When editing photos such suites, work is needed to regulate colours in raw conversion to attain preferred results. Utilising profiles removes this workload and replaces it having a simple selection. It's not necessary to make use of the profiles either (or any you develop and/or download her), they are just there to create things simpler. 

Should you shoot several photos every now and then, using Instagram or any other social networking applications to see buddies, you most likely will not go near software for example Adobe's Lightroom. However for fanatics and energy customers available who make the most of Nokia Lumia camera abilities, browse the links below to seize the color profiles.

It's suggested that you simply save and backup your colour profiles, in addition to raw images to safe locations just just in case of storage failures. Tell us the way you start the profiles within the comments.

Source: Nokia Conversations

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Screenshot of Nokia’s Moneypenny Dual SIM Leaked

Lumia Moneypenny

Nokia’s first dual SIM Home windows Phone is rumored to become codenamed “Moneypenny”. Dual-SIM phones allow mobile products to hold and support two Sims. This dual SIM operation allows customers use two services at the same time without requiring to hold two different phones. Dual SIM products are extremely popular in emerging marketplaces, that is most likely where we’ll find Moneypenny (also known as the Lumia 630 and 635) offered. Now we have a rumored screenshot from the display.

To date Moneypenny continues to be spotted in India for testing and it is likely to pack a 4.5-inch display. When the designated because the Lumia 630/635 didn’t hand out the cost, most likely the actual cost will. It’s expected to choose about $130 if this launches.

Moneypenny Lumia 630 Lumia 635

Browse the screenshot above and you will see a couple of interesting things, but let’s concentrate on the two most apparent. To begin with, you will see two signal indications within the status bar, showing this is actually a dual SIM phone. Second, you will see virtual on-screen buttons for that OS (back, Start, search) “hardware” buttons rather than the standard capacitive ones. That’s an element expected in Home windows Phone 8.1, therefore we may not see Moneypenny until after Home windows Phone 8.1 is introduced and/or launches.

Source: @evleaks Via: Neowin

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Make It Great By Grabbing the Nokia’s ‘Create Master’ Contest Winners For Your Windows Phone

Nokia began its global Create contest late this past year and we have covered new missions starting off because the program went its course. Designers were asked to build up applications for several groups, varying from image and photography completely to operate existence. Nokia has introduced the grand champion from the Create contest, in addition to winning applications for every category.

Pass the break to determine who won and get them for the phone today!

Nokia Create Contest

The Grand Champion - Pikura


The Nokia Create Grand Prize would go to Pikura, but what's this application about? This is an application and repair which brings gamification to mobile photography. Enjoy taking photos in your smartphone? Pablo Moncunill and Joe Fernández have switched mobile photography right into a social game with rewards and much more.

Customers can make challenges (example: "have a picture from the greatest hamburger you'll findInch) and anybody can participate but uploading a photograph, along with other customers voting on distribution to look for the winning entry. It is a super neat concept and something we are able to see succeeding with Lumia Home windows Phone proprietors.

They has won the next:

  • An expenses compensated trip for each of them to visit Barcelona to go to Mobile World Congress, in which the application is going to be displayed and also the designers will have the ability to network and promote Pikura.
  • Nokia will create a video marketing Pikura and can publish it around the Nokia YouTube funnel for countless Lumia customers to determine.
  • Nokia will promote the designers on Nokia Developer channels.
  • Pikura can get 4 days of promotion on Home windows Phone Store and Application Social.
  • They’ll also receive a ten,000 EUR credit on Microsoft Advertising pubCenter or much like operate a campaign to advertise Pikura.

Wish to try it out? You are able to grab Pikura in the Home windows Phone Store free of charge.

QR: Pikura

Mission Category Those who win


As discussed above, we not just possess a grand champion for that contest itself, but additionally one winning application per-category. Listed here are the ultimate those who win:

Each one of the above winning records is going to be going to Mobile World Congress 2014 to get further support from Nokia and co. Congratulations to any or all winning applications and designers.

Source: Nokia (1) (2)

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Nokia’s Repressed iOS Map App Pulled Off From App Store

Nokia’s HERE Maps application for iOS burst to the scene in late 2012 among the drama which was unfolding around Apple’s iOS mapping application debacle. Google’s mapping solution have been ousted from Apple’s mobile products and also the Cupertino-based company rushed out its very own Maps application instead. It had been a tragedy. As the world anxiously waited for Google Maps to create its triumphant go back to iOS, Nokia beat Google towards the punch and launched HERE Maps, an iOS port of their fantastic mapping application for Home windows Phone, also it appeared as if the organization may have new existence like a mix-platform company.

Two days later, HERE Maps ended up from the top-1000 free applications around the iOS application download charts. A couple of several weeks later, Nokia’s mapping boss quit because the application ongoing to flounder. Now, Nokia confirmed it has drawn HERE Maps from the Application Store completely also it blamed iOS 7 for the choice to achieve this.

“We have made a decision to get rid of our HERE Maps application in the Apple Application Store because recent changes to iOS 7 harm the consumer experience,” Nokia stated inside a statement carrying out a report from Indian Express. “iPhone customers could make use of the mobile web form of HERE Maps under, providing them location needs, for example search, routing, orientation, transit information and much more, all completely totally free.Inches

Nokia’s HERE Maps application will survive like a web application but so far as iOS is worried, it’s likely basically dead for the moment thinking about the a large number of terrific native mapping application options which are still alive and well within the Application Store.

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Lumia Black Update on the Roll

From today, Nokia Lumia WP8 proprietors all over the world will begin to get the new Lumia Black software update on their own mobile phones. The Lumia Black... Read more [...]