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Unboxing & Hands on With Inexpensive 1 GB Windows Phone – Nokia Lumia 525

Nokia Lumia 525

Considering Nokia's problem-fixing Lumia 525

This past year, Nokia introduced the Lumia 520, a lost-cost means to fix individuals who would like a Home windows Phone in emerging marketplaces. Because it works out, demand was much greater than anybody anticipated. Nearly annually later and also the 520 is among the best-selling Home windows Phones around. It’s an excellent low-risk method to experience Home windows Phone also it paves the way to greater finish options. But when the Lumia 520 had one flaw, it had been the quantity of RAM.

Home windows Phone 8 can run easily on 512 Megabytes products, however, many greater finish games (and a number of applications) take some good memory optimisation before they are able to run easily. That usually happens, but it will take several weeks following the initial release. Microsoft is confident this can disappear as designers target 512 Megabytes products later on, but until recently, there hasn’t been a minimal-cost 1 GB Lumia to obtain for this problem.

The Lumia 525 fixes that simply by thumping the RAM to at least one GB. Can lightning strike two times for Nokia? Watch my unboxing and first impressions of Nokia's device to discover.

Lumia 525 Specifications

  • Home windows Phone 8 with Update 3 (10517) and Lumia Black
  • 4-inch Insolvency practitioners Liquid crystal display, Sunlight readability, Lumia Color Profile, double-tap to wake
  • 8 GB of internal storage (4.5 GB available), micro SD expansion
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 1 GHz dual-core Snapdragon CPU
  • 5 Mega pixel rear camera, no expensive (no front facing camera)
  • Bluetooth 4. LE
  • 1430 mAh battery

As pointed out above, the Lumia 525 is almost just like the Lumia 520. Nearly. You will find a couple of changes, all of which are for that better:

  • Glossy, interchangeable back covers, rather than matte
  • Double-tap to wake has become available (also around the AT&ampT Lumia 520, although not many more)
  • Display appears slicker to touch

Other notable changes incorporate a non-embossed logo design around the back and a little more recessed side secrets.

Although in writing the products are very similar, I believe the glossy back adds a bit more pizazz towards the Lumia 525, which makes it feel more high-finish. Because of its size, it isn't slippery also it stays within my hands effortlessly. The Lumia 525’s display seems less sticky to make use of when in comparison towards the Lumia 520, and whites really are a tad better.

Lumia 525 camera sample

The Five Mega pixel is unremarkable, however in daylight works quite nicely with pronounced sharpness (see above sample photo). For a beginner phone, customers ought to be pleased.

As I only have spent a couple of hrs using the Lumia 525, my primary impressions are wonderful. Basically needed to choose from it along with a Lumia 520, it’s a simple decision because the former has less limitations onto it for software.

Granted, having the ability to run top end games has its own restrictions too, namely storage, that is still assigned just 8 GB. Presently, Home windows Phone 8 doesn’t allow storage of applications or games towards the storage card, though I’ve heard the 8.1 update – due later this season being an upgrade – will enable this selection. We’ll need to wait and find out though.

I’ll spend a couple of more days using the Lumia 525 and let guess what happens I believe. Although Nokia’s latest device isn’t expected within the United kingdom or US marketplaces, customers can choose to purchase it via online merchants. Such as the Lumia 520 though, if there's enough demand for this, we might see more company pickup later on.

The Lumia 525 is presently available (or visiting) China, India, Vietnam and Singapore. There's additionally a Lumia 526 variant particularly for China Mobile.

Have questions regarding the Lumia 525? Request away in comments or mind to our devoted Lumia 525 forums to do your homework!

Lumia 525 (left) versus Lumia 520 (right)

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Nokia Introduces Advertisements To HERE Maps on Windows Phones


Nokia has formerly implemented advertising on the internet form of, however the services are available too on Microsoft's mobile OS. Nokia has become obviously moving to mobile to supply relevant adverts searching results, showing customers with related companies or sights. It's non-intrusive advertising with a few decent functionality to provide, but customers are are mixed around the idea.

Continue reading for all those particulars.

HERE's Pino Bonetti has confirmed the introduction of ads over on the discussion board:

"After moving out ads (e.g. with Groupon) on, we're presenting them on Home windows Phone 8 applications too. In the particular situation of HERE Maps, we're exhibiting in your area relevant advertisements searching results and nearby places [...] if you wish to see what their offer is about, you are able to click the banner to spread out the browser."

HERE Maps Places

The issue many seem to be asking is, "is Nokia right to do this?Inch A lot of our own visitors are questioning the implementation of advertising in something that they think they have taken care of with the prices from the Home windows Phone itself (Here's promoted included in the set of features).

Personally, while so Nokia offers HERE included in the overall Lumia experience, this is an exterior service and I am not really fussed whether Nokia selects for everyone me relevant adverts or otherwise. Nokia also is not function as the first company to push advertising on the service, as Google frequently will the same.

The advertising – whilst we have not experienced it ourselves by yet – seems to become non-intrusive and limited in character. There's not adverts for games, dating sites or charge card companies. rather, they are local, relevant adverts that may end up being rather helpful. Here's free of charge, and that i don't really observe how some light advertising will modify the services in an adverse way.

But if there is a choice to buy a regular membership to get rid of advertising? It is a possible route, but offering Because a totally free plan to Home windows Phone proprietors with the features is one thing we are sure a lot of us enjoy, even when there's a billboard every now and then. 

Perhaps you have experienced any ads while using the HERE services in your Home windows Phone? If that's the case, tell us within the comments and make certain to include your input in the thread on the forum.

Thanks, unstoppablekem, for that tip!

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Nokia Unconcerned Regarding Increasing OEM Competition

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 8.51.47 AMAn interview with Nokia&#8217s Viral Oza within the Economic Times published today particulars the organization&#8217s mobile strategy in India and also the world in particular. Oza isn&#8217t worried about the opportunity of elevated competition, telling the Occasions that &#8220The entry more gamers within the Home windows Phone market can help the ecosystem to develop further.&#8221 Nokia&#8217s Lumia type of Home windows Phone mobile phones is just about the p facto make of mobile phone models, but there's been rumor of Sony jumping in to the ring this season. Then he seems to tie the doorway of recent hardware gamers to some more healthy application market: &#8220Also, more designers can come aboard, strengthening the ecosystem much more. For the reason that sense, it just encourages the customers to purchase Home windows Phone and broadening the ecosystem.&#8221 This can be a lengthy-term argument. Most probably the doorway of a big player, say The new sony for instance, could depress Nokia&#8217s short-term device sales. However in Oza&#8217s eyes, in the event that results in a more healthy platform, Nokia could sell more Home windows Phone mobile phone models in the long run, provided there&#8217s a far more healthy Home windows Phone. Nokia&#8217s Lumia group therefore might be prepared to cede short-term share of the market whether it ensures they get assist in growing Home windows Phone in the future. All of this becomes complicated for the reason that Nokia&#8217s Lumia clients are going to become Microsoft&#8217s Lumia business, but Microsoft has echoed the sentiment more gamers building Home windows Phone hardware is one thing to become searched for out, not frustrated like a firm, Microsoft doesn&#8217t need to make every Home windows Phone phone that's offered, publish its acquisition of Nokia&#8217s hardware group. Downloads Oza continues within the interview to go over download figures, something always worth analyzing when talking about the healthiness of a platform: Finances over 5000 designers in India, who develop applications for Home windows Phone platform. 65 % of downloads for India developed applications come from outdoors India, while 35 % comes from India. There's an enormous traction towards these India developed applications for Home windows Phone. Downloads in India remain 4 million downloads per week in the marketplace. This informs us that Indian designers are building British-language programs which are seeing global traction, which an industry how big India does around 16 million downloads monthly, or simply under 200 million annually at current pace. That figure scales, given Home windows Phone current share of the market tear within the Indian market. Tempering the above mentioned as unmitigated Read more [...]

Screenshot of Nokia’s Moneypenny Dual SIM Leaked

Lumia Moneypenny

Nokia’s first dual SIM Home windows Phone is rumored to become codenamed “Moneypenny”. Dual-SIM phones allow mobile products to hold and support two Sims. This dual SIM operation allows customers use two services at the same time without requiring to hold two different phones. Dual SIM products are extremely popular in emerging marketplaces, that is most likely where we’ll find Moneypenny (also known as the Lumia 630 and 635) offered. Now we have a rumored screenshot from the display.

To date Moneypenny continues to be spotted in India for testing and it is likely to pack a 4.5-inch display. When the designated because the Lumia 630/635 didn’t hand out the cost, most likely the actual cost will. It’s expected to choose about $130 if this launches.

Moneypenny Lumia 630 Lumia 635

Browse the screenshot above and you will see a couple of interesting things, but let’s concentrate on the two most apparent. To begin with, you will see two signal indications within the status bar, showing this is actually a dual SIM phone. Second, you will see virtual on-screen buttons for that OS (back, Start, search) “hardware” buttons rather than the standard capacitive ones. That’s an element expected in Home windows Phone 8.1, therefore we may not see Moneypenny until after Home windows Phone 8.1 is introduced and/or launches.

Source: @evleaks Via: Neowin

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Make It Great By Grabbing the Nokia’s ‘Create Master’ Contest Winners For Your Windows Phone

Nokia began its global Create contest late this past year and we have covered new missions starting off because the program went its course. Designers were asked to build up applications for several groups, varying from image and photography completely to operate existence. Nokia has introduced the grand champion from the Create contest, in addition to winning applications for every category.

Pass the break to determine who won and get them for the phone today!

Nokia Create Contest

The Grand Champion - Pikura


The Nokia Create Grand Prize would go to Pikura, but what's this application about? This is an application and repair which brings gamification to mobile photography. Enjoy taking photos in your smartphone? Pablo Moncunill and Joe Fernández have switched mobile photography right into a social game with rewards and much more.

Customers can make challenges (example: "have a picture from the greatest hamburger you'll findInch) and anybody can participate but uploading a photograph, along with other customers voting on distribution to look for the winning entry. It is a super neat concept and something we are able to see succeeding with Lumia Home windows Phone proprietors.

They has won the next:

  • An expenses compensated trip for each of them to visit Barcelona to go to Mobile World Congress, in which the application is going to be displayed and also the designers will have the ability to network and promote Pikura.
  • Nokia will create a video marketing Pikura and can publish it around the Nokia YouTube funnel for countless Lumia customers to determine.
  • Nokia will promote the designers on Nokia Developer channels.
  • Pikura can get 4 days of promotion on Home windows Phone Store and Application Social.
  • They’ll also receive a ten,000 EUR credit on Microsoft Advertising pubCenter or much like operate a campaign to advertise Pikura.

Wish to try it out? You are able to grab Pikura in the Home windows Phone Store free of charge.

QR: Pikura

Mission Category Those who win


As discussed above, we not just possess a grand champion for that contest itself, but additionally one winning application per-category. Listed here are the ultimate those who win:

Each one of the above winning records is going to be going to Mobile World Congress 2014 to get further support from Nokia and co. Congratulations to any or all winning applications and designers.

Source: Nokia (1) (2)

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4Blend – HDR goodness by Nokia’s Imaging SDK


4Blend is really a new Home windows Phone 8 photography application made to create HDR (High Dynamic Range) images.  The application uses Nokia’s Imaging SDK along with a multi-layer HDR formula to construct the HDR images.  The fundamental HDR effect may be used to improve low-light photos and a number of effects filters may be used to give a little creativeness for your HDR images.

Add voice triggered shutter control, front camera support and manual camera configurations and 4Blend constitutes a nice first impression.

Together with the fundamental HDR filter, 4Blend includes a pleasant assortment of 16 effects filters which includes color boost, cartoon, sketch, lomo, sepia and much more.

4Blend Viewfinder

Manual controls include activating/from the voice instructions, setting the gamma levels, manual focus, and setting the ISO, shutter speed and exposure compensation for each one of the three images accustomed to construct your HDR image.

The application will require three images of the identical scene at various exposure levels then mix them into one image which should possess a greater dynamic range.  A stable hands is needed and that will help you minimize camera movement triggered by pressing the shutter button, 4Blend includes a voice command setting which will initiate the photo sequence. 

4Blend HDR Sample

The elements isn’t being too cooperative right now to let's take 4Blend out for any proper try out however in just trying out the Home windows Phone 8 application throughout the house, it can make a pleasant first impression.  When the clouds re-locate and also the rain clears up, we'll take 4Blend out and obtain an evaluation on the website.

4Blend is really a free application that's readily available for Home windows Phone 8 (including 512MB products like the Lumia 520). You are able to get your copy of 4Blend within the Home windows Phone Store.

QR: 4Blend

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App Folders Setup Spiced Up with Emoji

App Folder Emoticon

Here is a neat little trick to obtain your moving toward personalising your Start screen with Nokia's Application Folders solution. The application was lately released towards the Home windows Phone Store just like you can with contacts, you are in a position to copy emoticons in the SMS text box to Application Folder game titles to include some personality. Assembling a games folder, why don't you give a controller? 

It is a super awesome effect and just takes seconds to complete. The only real factor worth recalling is you are not needed to become running the Lumia Black update to possess Application Folders installed in the store. Below shows a fast illustration of the way it all works. Around the left you will find the insides of the folder with applications listed, during the best you will find the folder tile itself (spot the emoticon on screens?).

App Folder SMS Icons

In the event that were not enough that you should be stoked for that application, take a look at our Mike giving a fast demo from the application itself:

You are able to grab Application Folder in the Home windows Phone Store. Also, make sure to tell us a few of the symbols you've employed for folders in your Start screen within the comments below. 

Thanks, Roy, for that manages!

QR: App Folder

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How the Application Folder Operates in Nokia Lumia

App Folder Windows Phone

Earlier we detailed Nokia’s additional features that will become provided with the Lumia Black firmware update. Certainly one of individuals surprise features was the opportunity to create application folders in your Start screen. At that time no particulars were around the blog publish saying ways to get application folders labored. Daniel recommended it will come by means of an application, so it merely has. Actually, now you can download Application Folder from Nokia to produce your personal.

Surprise! It doesn’t really need Lumia Black to operate. We we’re in a position to install and employ the application on the device using the Amber firmware update installed.

There is not much for this. This application can help you clear your Start screen by permitting you to definitely group applications together right into a folder. Not just applications, however, many popular configurations may also be added for relatively fast access. The folder solution isn’t as elegant because it is on competing mobile os's. For instance, the folder you develop is essentially an Live tile using the symbols of the several applications inside. When you tap it you jump in to the Application Folder application where you’ll then tap the application you need to visit. But it’s a pleasant means of cleaning your Start screen.

App Folder

You may create folders, title them, and drop the different applications and configurations in it. Pin it for your Start screen and you may cycle with the various tile dimensions. But when you’re a energy user that positively utilizes a bazillion applications, Application Folder might be a pleasant means of cleaning your Start screen and discover a little more zen.

Snap it up for the Lumia device within the Home windows Phone Store free of charge.

Just tips everyone! 

QR: App Folder

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