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Thread: Strange voice while calling [3210]

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    Strange voice while calling [3210]

    Hi! [again :]

    Its still everything about my lucky nokia 3210 ;]

    I've bought it from my friend on lower price because i knew that it had a problem with robot-like voice while call.

    I thought that flashing it would help, but it didn't help at all...

    Symptoms :
    - when I start a call (in/out-coming) the voice became
    misunderstandingly strange ) [sorry for that englishlike words]
    - there is a RXQUAL_FULL indicator in NetMonitor which represents the percentage of mistakes in voice decoding (??) and when the voice is scrambled it shows value of 5 to 7 ( very big interferences )
    - voice becomes clear and understood when I squeeze it in some way or when i detach back case of phone. [ but not in 100% ]

    What can help ?

    some people say to reset it to full factory ... - I don't belive in that.
    other say to heat up the IC's on PCB with soldering tool because of oxidation of solder in BGA connections ( rather strange and harmfull )

    please help!


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    try to use nkprofile and put the enhanced full rate on top of the list

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    pretty much the same with it everytime you squeeze, eh?

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    Thanks for usefull info ;\
    Anybody really know what to do with that problem ?

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