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Thread: please help unlock nokia 3210

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    please help unlock nokia 3210

    hey guys. I need a huge favour from anyone out there. I am travelling overseas in the next few days and ineed to unlock my 3210. I know guys are gettin pissed off cos a lot of guys jus ask for unlock codes. This is my first time cos i beleive that the site shouldnt be exploited. I hope sumone can help.Urgent!

    nokia 3210
    netwok code:234-33 UK orange

    I hope someone can help.I hope the info regarding the phone is enuff to help get me the unlock codes i need. If you need other info to help me out please tell me asap.I wanna thank all you guys out there who help. Cheers.Kayp32
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    Thumbs down Cannot generate DCT-3 unlock codes!

    Originally posted by kayp32
    I know guys are gettin pissed off cos a lot of guys jus ask for unlock codes.
    Well, you supplied all the information needed to unlock a DCT-4 phone, but unfortunately yours is DCT-3. (previous generation) In other words, "we" (the general public) don't have the means of generating unlock codes.

    You have three options.
    1. Get a data cable and software and unlock it. (Easy - but will take a few days to order a cable. Search the forum for details)
    2. Ask Orange for the unlock codes (they'll have them... I think it's an Oftel requirement that they have to give them for free when they've made back the discount you got on the phone)
    3. Go to your local repair shop and pay someone to unlock it for you.
    4. Roam

    Ok, that was 4 options, not 3.
    If you're not puting a foreign SIM card in, you don't need to 'unlock' the phone, just ask Orange to enable international calls before you go.
    Going anywhere nice?


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