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13-12-2002, 12:13 AM
some body plz 2 tell me that how can i convert 6120. into 6120i for sending sms for it. plz tell me about it.
i will be very thank full 2 u. and also tell me that where from i can get the flash file for 6120i.
thanks in advence.

13-12-2002, 08:36 AM
The first issue you will have to deal with is unless you have one of the small quantities of 6120's that have the increased memory and newer hardware to be capable of taking 6120i flash the phone is not capable of doing so.

If you do by chance happen to have one that can you still will have to find a way to flash it and update the FAID, which currently w/o factory svc equipment you cannot do.

So you are better off looking into another phone w/sms then trying to upgrade your 6120..