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11-02-2003, 08:49 PM

as a german, I must sometimes (?) translate for this great forum. And it is very complicated to work with an electronical translator or - the summit of complicated - a translater as book.

I use since short time now "Pro Lingua" for 7650. And I have to say: Great.

- Your personal translator is always with you. Always, really.
- You can renunciation of: - heavy weight and browsing of 1408 pages.

The "big" archive of the software contains 100,000 words in both directions = german/english, english/german. And at top: The irregularity english verbs.

What do you want more? One word only - perfect.

Here you can see a pic of the "big" paperback book:


Link to the authors = Yellow computing (http://www.yellowcomputing.de/index_e.htm)

(click further on "N 7650", than "Pro' Lingua".