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28-08-2001, 11:56 PM
I bought my flashercable set a few months ago, hoping to get sum use out of them; trouble is though, - I never seem to get out the whole flashfile when making a backup. there are always bad checksums and unreadable PPM and IMEI values. only succses was a 6210 v3.01 backup. this has resulted in 2 crashed phones and 1 with contact service problems. I have tryed with Dejan original release and darkshell. Im getting pretty tired of them FFFFFFFFFFFFF.....readings.

Q. no# 2.- how reliable are nkFREE and such utilities? The IMEI changing box states "for experimental use".


29-08-2001, 03:49 PM
about the IMEI on NFREE. i think it's really experimental. cause it will change the plane IMEI but the security IMEI the last byte seems to be wrong. i had to use hex workshop and XOR65 it to correct the security imea IMEI.

hope this help..

29-08-2001, 06:41 PM
Kontact, did you get it to work with the new IMEI?
Can you please tell me how if so?

Regards Jonas

30-08-2001, 03:55 AM
nope it won't work. i mean if a cell has 123456789012345 imei number and u want to change it to a different one it will still not work. what i mean is we can change the orig imei preventing contact service (using nfree) but it will not hav signal for sure.

30-08-2001, 03:24 PM
ok, sum things cleared out, tnks..

lets say Ive managed to kill my 6210 with a partia flash file,(and this is before backup) IMEI and PPM chksums still readable in NFREE. acctually no errors what so ever according to the prg. My freind got exactly the same language and version-but trying to do the following fails..I make a full backup of the functioning phone-flashed to my dead. resulting in a "sim card rejected" message. I patrially flash the phone and rid the problem of "rejection", but still the phone is instable and constantly insists on rebooting. -obviously a nonworking procedure.Is there any way to flash back my IMEI PPM values by extracting them from my dead phones backup, using a hexeditor?(adress 0020000-0060000). or should I flash my dead setup back and do it the other way around?- If so what is the range of the IMEI and "other important" data? since NFREE can read the dead package, isnt there a way to restore the phone without a box or a eepromreader?


30-08-2001, 08:12 PM
Restore your crashed file (but the eeprom HAS to be original)

And by the way.... The 6210 has an EMULATED eeprom in the FLASH (No actual eeprom chip, only emulated in flash)

Then read out the 0020000 - 0030000 from a phone with the same SW version, and write it to your phone...