View Full Version : Nokia Dejan Flasher V1.04 Source code

27-07-2001, 07:41 PM
here is NOKIA DEJAN FLASHER V1.04 Source code.
If any one crack it before me please send it to me.

30-07-2001, 07:07 PM
vietnam ?

30-07-2001, 10:14 PM
And which assembler will you use to compile it?

31-07-2001, 04:09 AM
this source is incomplete! look main.a32
;include calc.a32
include log.a32
include indicator.a32
include phone_id.a32
include iso.a32
include filefind.a32
include inkey.a32
include fls_ppm.a32
include box.a32
include file.a32

missing files!!!

01-08-2001, 10:30 PM
Yes, I know it not complete so i only have this file. Who have complete please mail me.
But I think we study some algorithm from it.

02-08-2001, 12:46 AM
It's not incomplete... check the names of the missing files.
They're just part of the interface and the functions to implement are quite simple.

04-08-2001, 03:05 AM
hi,can you send me that file plsss?