View Full Version : 4 locks 7110

07-06-2001, 09:20 PM
I got given a cd with loads of nokia softwear. I think i have an m2-bus data cable, coming of com 1. i used i program called nokia tool 3210.5.36 simlockman turkey.
i was just looking what softwear i had while my 7110 was hooked up, i read the ME and noticed the four locks were open, and being the stupid person i am i closed them, not nowing what they were. so i need to unlock them, this program wont unlock them, even though it sez open all, but it doesn't do anything. another program called nokia unlock can open the fourth lock, but now and again closes it again. I need to get it sorted, maily cos it's not my phone. i swaped it for a bit. I think i might have to buy the flash cable with some more softwear, but if i can avoid spending 40 for a stupid mistake then it would be a great relief. hope u can help. Rus

11-06-2001, 08:56 PM
Only flashing your phone with dejan wil help.

So you need a dejan flash cable, and the appropiate software