View Full Version : Dead 3210 after full flashing

31-05-2001, 01:58 AM

I have a 3210 with v5.31 and PPM version A(i think). I have flashed it with v5.31 and PPM v B and now it can't find the network. I also have wrote the eeprom from another 3210 also with v5.31 and PPM v A. I now that this problem can be solved with a TDF4 box, but anybody has any idea how to do without it?.

By the way! Dejan flasher v1.04. What box does it needs? I have attached some scheme i've found but i can't figure it out what to connect to where.

And has anybody succesfuly read the flash from a 3210? If you did, could you please give me the boot and flash loader?

P.S. I deeply regret Viper retiring from this project. But I agree that his work should be continued.

31-05-2001, 07:50 PM

Can you tel me where i can found that schema from dejan box.

Thanks a lot


01-06-2001, 08:25 AM
I have come out with another idea and I need your help, nokia gurus! Could anyone send me a backup from a 3210 (full flash + eeprom dump), because I can't find an eeprom dump with ppm version other than A. Thanks in advance!
The dejan scheme: I realy don't know from where i've got it but i think that in a couple of days i'll find out. Has anybody understood something from it?


03-06-2001, 04:00 PM
listen i hav tried to unlock my nokia 3210 v5.36 and while i was doin it it sed error now my fone wont turn on. does this mean my fone iz dead or wot i dunno much about unlockin fones please help