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27-05-2001, 01:01 PM
I got a problem with a 6210 3.01. I tried to reset the sec counter with the FFFF solutions and it got a contact service. I tried to write back the original back-up but just resulting a dead set.

So I went to a friend who worked Nokia Service Center in our country for an upgrade but it just turn the power on with a contact service status with its new version 4.36. Recently, I got the NokTool 1.2 and attempted to patch the original flash file. I flashed it back to the phone and the phone got rid out of contact service.

But the problem now is that all the locks are closed. What am I going to do to make the phone back to a functioning unit.

27-05-2001, 02:51 PM
Well the FFFF solution is really bad. I've told it so many people and they're just releasing tools called "Reset etc..." with that damn FFFF solution :0(
Ok. you've got a 4.36. I'll try to help you.
Go and get the same PPM and MCU Version your phone has and paste it into you backup file.
For Example :

Readout phone : 4.36 PPM C / 4.36 MCU

Go and get Fullbackup of another 4.36 PPM C / 4.36 MCU
Take 200000-59FFFF
Paste it into your backup so it should look like this :

|-Other MCU---------------Other PPM-------------Own PMM-------Own EEprom--------------|

then the phone will work correctly, if Eeprom was not damaged :0)

Cya, Viper BJK