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18-04-2003, 12:11 PM
This site cam highly recommended to me as an essential part to my recently found quest of learning all there is to know about nokia phones in the next two weeks. I'm not starting completely from scratch on my new little project, I did use logomanager and IR dongles for a while. Well, thinking about it, I suppose I am starting completely froms scratch then.
I'm so grateful to people on the internet that share specialist information as I hope people are grateful when I help them on forums. I know stuff about networking, medicine (training as a doctor) and web design which I help people on.
I go through these little phases in life where I try to learn everything about a given subject as much as possible before I get, well, not bored, but mentally exhausted and then I move on. In recent years this breadth of knowledge has narrowed to being computer orientated and I've covered things from analgyph 3D stereo glasses to, file sharing and then to hosting game servers. Don't form an opinion of me based on that though because I'm a complete lazy c*nt and I can never take things as seriously as others seem to :lol:.


19-04-2003, 03:22 AM
james from esr ?