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19-04-2002, 09:33 AM
hi men!
as i know , everybody is trying to make his own 8250 ppm package, so i want to know if it's possible to share this custom packages with us ??

01-05-2002, 09:04 PM
I would like one with no jap languages on it, and 5210 ringtones if someone could please :D

07-05-2002, 01:53 PM

I added french language to the 8250 5.04 firmware.

I couldn't put the file here (there is some problems with attaching files here) so I uploaded at ftp://sno.at/uploads/nokia.sno.at/

It may not stay there for a longtime, then it will be either moved at http://nokia.sno.at/ or destroyed.


14-05-2002, 12:49 PM
8250 mcu+ppm files are 1.81mb, zip them and you should be able to attach them, unless the Mysql timeout is too short for your connection...

14-05-2002, 04:46 PM
hello corwin,,i own 8250 with v5.02..how can I upload new language to my hp?pls advice:D

15-05-2002, 09:52 PM

here is the package. part 1/2

It's a rar file in two parts, but as rar files aren't allowed for attachment, I had to rename it.

rename this file upgrade8210.rar and the next file upgrade8210.r00

> Sonicdeejay :
To upgrade your 8250 to 5.04, you just have to flash your phone with the main flash using dejan flasher then update the faid with eepromtools 3.1, don't flash the eeprom and don't change the imei.

warning : this package doesn't contains asian languages, only english, deustch and french.

> Airwaves :
I have a cable connection with 16KB/s upload speed and yet I can't attach it, I always get a timeout.

15-05-2002, 09:53 PM
And here comes the second file.

rename it to upgrade8210.r00

16-05-2002, 04:29 AM
Thanks corwin...Actualli it is not my intention for me to upgrad my hp from 5.02 TO 5.04..I want to upload new language to my Hp...I wanna upgrade the language called "myanmar" ..and that is not include in nokia language pack yet..
more info on the langauge at http://www.unicode.org/charts/PDF/U1000.pdf

So,,pls advice me how can I do to upload this language in my Hp..
My native country is myanmar though I'm in singapore now...

Thanks alot

16-05-2002, 10:04 AM
And i'm looking for a 8250 flash with portuguese language!
Does anyone know where to find it? :(

16-05-2002, 10:35 AM

>> Zzzooommm :
If you want you can make it yourself, have a look at the post
http://nokiafree.org/forums/t2261/s.html by meff, it's quite simple although it takes a lot of time.
For each entry (number), you have to find a translation, for this you can use another PPM (IE 8210) which contains portuguese and using excel you can do almost all of the translation.
For example, you get the english words from the 8250 txt, then you look in the 8210 txt, if found you retreive the number and then retreive the portuguese translation (from 8210 ttx) using that number.
The trouble is that there are many entries that are the same in english but not in other language, so you have to use the other languages too to find the correct translation.
I don't think I made myself clear, but try the explained method by meff and you'll understand.
Then you can start by using the package I made, but it doesn't contain the T9 portuguese dictionary.
So you'll have to change the LDB chunk by the one from your 8210. You also have to edit the xxx.pck file to add the portuguese lang, use the same number that is in the LDB file.
the order of the languages must be the same in the xxx.txt file and the xxx.pck file.

something important too is the LPCS and GSMC chunk, they contains the correspondance between the character set used in the TEXT chunk and the unicode characters used for the display.
I don't know why there is LPCS and GSMC, coz they seems to have the same goal.

>> sonicdeejay :
I don't think that this could be easily done. You can add a language but only if the caracter set is in the FONT chunk, and I don't think its the case with the myanmar language.
And by now I don't know if there is a tool that enables to edit the FONT chunk.

16-05-2002, 10:43 AM
i will try it,,just show me the way,,n sugestion..thanks..
any software to reommend..?

16-05-2002, 02:49 PM
Thank's corwin, but i allready try it and doesn't works!
The 8250 flash have some kind of protection and when you copy paste the lines it simply doesn't works correctly. Some characters missing, no pontuation, etc etc.
Some of my friend allready tried to translate line by line, and nothing... :(

16-05-2002, 05:04 PM

First of all re read the post by meff.

Then you have to get 2 flashes, one for 8210 and one for 8250

for the 8250 you can get the one I posted and for the 8210, get the 8210_531_D

create 2 directories, one for each and for each flash file.
go to the 8210 directory and use ppmmanager 0.91 to open it.
explode it (give 8210 as name)
and export TEXT chunk (give 8210 as filename)

Do the same for the 8250 directory

go in the 8250 and edit the 8250.pck file with notepad and replace
the line with FREN with :
6 PORT 8000000

As the two packs contains both deutsch, we can leave it, if you want you can also leave the french language but you won't have the french t9 dict (coz we'll get the t9 dict file from the 8210).

If you have a look at the 8210.txt you'll see that there are some caracters which are coded in hexa (example \x8B) and if you look in 8250.txt you'll see that the same caracter isn't coded
the same way :

in 8210.txt you have
12 COMM Portugu\xB9s

and in 8250.txt you have
12 COMM Portugu\x83s

This is because the LPCS files are differents.
if you look at the 8210.1_LPCS.fls with hexworkshop you'll see that the \xB9 is the character unicode 0x00EA
-> offset 0x01A8 (=0xB9*2+0X24) within the 8210.1_LPCS.fls (Big indian order)

if you look at the 8250.1_LPCS.fls with hexworkshop you'll see that the \x83 is the character unicode 0x00EA
-> offset 0x012A (=0x83*2+0X24) within the 8210.1_LPCS.fls (Big indian order)

So now the problem is to correct the 8250.txt so that it uses the same coding than 8210.1_LPCS (because we're going to keep this LPCS file for making the new pack).

To do this it's simple, you just have to replace the \xXX by others (by a find and replace in notepad)
You have to check the differences between the two LPCS files and make a conversion table (you can use hexworkshop to see the differences).

If you don't want to keep the other languages and make a simple pack with only english and portugues (don't forget to change 8250.pck then) you don't need to replace the \xXX as said before, this can be done because english don't use non ascii chars and that the common language is the same between 8210 and 8250.
So just replace the commun language part in the 8250.txt by the common language part from 8210.txt
and replace the lines content of the lines 1105 to 1122 in the english part in 8250.txt by the content
of the lines 1127 to 1144 in the english part from 8210.txt
you'll have to get this (in 8250.txt) for example line 1120 english :

1120 ENGL tuv8\xFC\xF9\xC8\xC2

Once this is done, you can then start the translation itself
This is quite tricky because in english there are many things which are the same but not in other languages.
I used excel with search formulas to do a first automatic translation (using english as the brigde between the 8210 and the 8250) and then I look for all the entries that are the same
in english and did the translation manually.

The goal is to create lines that have the same format as :
0123 PORT xxxxxxxxxxxx

0123 is the line number and xxxxxxxxxxx is the translation in portugese

between 0123 and PORT there is a tabulation and also between PORT and xxxxxxx

Once every thing is translated, add those lines in 8250.txt so that the language order is the same as in 8250.pck

At the end you have to replace the LPCS GSMC FONT and LDB files from the 8250 with the one from the 8210 (you of course have to rename the files)

Restart ppmmanager and open the exploded file (8250.Exploded) using the button at the bottom left.
then import the TEXT file part (8250.txt) and "update all PMP CRCs" and save the flash.

That's it you have your flash with portuguese.

17-05-2002, 11:07 AM
download : http://flashes.ptisp.org/mcuppm/8250/8250port.zip


17-05-2002, 02:49 PM
lsalt100, this file you posted doesn't works correctly.

corwin, thank you for the explanation. By the way, don't you have any 8250 flash with portuguese? LOL :D

If not, i will try it later!

17-05-2002, 06:57 PM
Is there any way to make a 8250 ppm with ringing tones displaying names instead

20-05-2002, 08:17 PM
This is because the TONE chunk doesn't contains the names of the tones.

I replaced it with the one from the 8210 and now it's ok. But doing so I now have the same ringtones as in the 8210.

lsalt100 >> This file doesn't contain portuguese at all, it is just the pack J with english, chinese and traditional chinese.

Zzzooommm >> no I don't have a pack with portuguese, I could make it but I don't know a single word in portuguese, sorry.

21-05-2002, 04:23 AM
Hi corwin,

How you can replace tones from 8210?
I try before adding the names but the display in phone is showing wild character, and some tones is not sounding at all.
Can you please give me detail info how to do that ?
Or please send the example file to me?


21-05-2002, 07:38 AM

I just replace the TONE chunk by the on from a 8210 flash.
I used PPMManager and exploded the flash, then I did the same with te 8210 flash and replace the TONE file by the one from tthe 8210 (must rename the file). At last I resused ppmmanager to rebuild the flash from the exploded part and calced the CRC.
That's all.

There is another way : using flashtone it allows you to change ringtones one by one but I never used it.

21-05-2002, 04:18 PM
i made 2 files for 8250.One with greek and one with dutch.Both are on my site.
Corwin u saud tha t u add lbd from 8210.Did it worked?

22-05-2002, 07:37 AM
Yes it worked, I just replace the LDB (along with the TONE and others FONT LPCS and GSMC) with the one from a 8210-5.30 pack and it works great, even with the languages that aren't in the phone.

I suppose you can even supress some T9 dict from the LDB or add new ones to it but I didn't try, I had a binary look at the ldb file and it seems to be just a pack of T9 dict, so I think it can be splitted in smaller parts and reassembled.


22-05-2002, 09:08 AM

Can you post the ppm?
Cause i try and not working, the phone still display wild charc ....


22-05-2002, 10:58 AM
See my previous anwsers to this post.
Download the two files (bmp suffix) and rename them to
upgrade8210.rar and upgrade8210.r00

You'll find in it the flash (mcu+ppm), use ppmmanager to split it.