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Mundo Celular
06-05-2003, 01:02 AM
I need the ID or Unlock Code of the next Sagem Phones:

Sagem 3020
Hash Table: H22
IMEI: 35070635092977-2
Field 0:083A05073605297927
Field 191/251: 31B9A07E
Field 253: 70FAB9A10D83872E67925840
Field 268: 9200
Field 5259: E2FA35A416CACF0C5B8D

Sagem 3026
Hash Table: H22
IMEI: 35070635026965-X
Field 0: 083A05073605626985
Field 191/251: D3F8B1E1
Field 253: 9225B0EFCDE649FED8843D6F
Field 268: 2A00
Field 5259: A025D96073A37C664CE2

Thank you !!!

If is possible send me your E-mail

06-05-2003, 10:02 AM
I try to finde your ID but I can't I don't have solution (for free) for yur phone!
I think for second one you can try read ID whit mw boot stram mode which working under dos(check on net is free)!
Then if you can read post here ID and I give you unlokc code!
For first one I'm not sure is work this soulution too!
And at end if you can read ID by mw boot strap mode I can sell you logg for sagem unlokc server and you will unlock your phone for 5 min!
Post result!