View Full Version : nokia 8210 to 8250

27-04-2002, 04:21 PM
Ive recently got to 8210 phones wich I repared. Browsed around the forum and found that it's popular to flash the 8210 with 8250 soft.
Never had my hands on a 8250 but I understand that the main difference is some new menues like chat and the ringtone composer.
Some more picture msg. Is this all?
It aint much to shout hurra for:)
Maybe I'm missing something here.

Also is the 8250 the same size can i use covers for 8250 on my 8210? I dont think so.
Maybe it is a reason why this phone is only for sale in Asia:)

29-04-2002, 06:23 AM

Yes your right the main reason i flashed my 8210 to a 8250 was for the screen saver.. other wise their is not much else apart form what you have mentioned... You cannot use the 8250 covers on the 8210 even though the phones are the same size their is a difference on the face plate.