View Full Version : Repairing nokia 8860

07-05-2002, 09:02 PM

I have several 8860's that all have the same problems. They have been been flashed with the same esn number and maybe the wrong firmware. They seem to turn on and work fine...but the internal esn number does not match the one on the back cover of the phone.

I would like to repair them. Would also like to unlock them.

I see that ucables sells 2 cables for the 8860 (NK-567 and the NK-8X60)...and some kind of software to possibly unlock them. I dont have access to their web site because I am not a customer yet. I am not sure which cable I need for the 8860.

Can anyone help with this? ie...what cable do I need to buy and tell me if any software is available to flash these phones.

I need both a cable and software to.... flash, unlock, set esn, etc.

Thanks for any help.