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29-05-2002, 02:10 AM
how do i fix it???
what equipment will i need?
where can i download sw versions 4 this phone...

29-05-2002, 10:03 AM
you will need to upload a virgin eeprom and a new flash file
you will also need a flash cable and a data cable

heres some brief instructions
How to repair a Contact Service DCT-3 handset

This is easier than most people make out.

-Flash the phone with the mcu and ppm pack of your choice.

-Update FAID and then reset. If it still doesnt work, do the following:

-Write the virgin eeprom from the appropriate address.

-Turn phone on

-Run Eeprom tools

-Click manual, enter the imei you want. (minus last digit)

-Then click update IMEI.

-Now run imei.exe

-Click read PI

-Then copy the bottom IMEI into the top imei space and click write, if it
fails, do it again til it works.

-Run eeprom tools again, click SP locks button, then update FAID.

-Phone should now be working and unlocked 100%.

good program for flashing is rolis 4.78
hope this helps:)

29-05-2002, 04:45 PM
hi ppl,

on my method to repair contact service to any nokia dct3
heres how,

1. copy flash file from same model unit
2. flash it starting from 200000(of course)
3. use dct3 repair by dejan. use F3 first then F1
4. use rolis 1.8 to change imei from backpanel of phone
5. wella!!! phone works

if it doesnt,phone may have hardware problem forthe cause of contact service.;)


greeting to pinoys out there!!

29-05-2002, 11:19 PM
that seems to be the biggest problem on my hands, because finding a virgin sw for the 8210 is very easy, but, i have looked through the web, but i can not seem to find the sw for 8290... nokia does not cover the gsm 1900 very much, so does anyone know where to get 8290 virgin files???