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30-06-2003, 10:56 PM
can some one tills me how 2 uclock my sonyericsson t300 , what software and what cable ,,, unless i dont need cable ,,,

many many thanks

03-07-2003, 07:07 PM
I recently got my T300 unlocked through Virtual Dynamix. I had to purchase a remote unlocking log and a T28 service cable. here were the instructions from their site.

1. Reliable internet connection
2. Given username and password. Can be obtained thru an online
purchase at http://gsm.virtualdynamix.com.
3. Ericsson Remote Log Client software can be downloaded from:
http://gsm.virtualdynamix.com in the DOWNLOADS section. You
will need to extract the CLIENT program to a separate folder.
4. Ericsson T28 Service Cable (Serial). Do not confuse this
with the Ericsson T68 Data Cable. They are different cables.

1. Run EricsClient.exe by double clicking its icon.
2. Click the "SETTING" tab and enter your given
login and password. Please make sure there is no firewall
in front of your internet connection. If your username/password
does not work after your 2nd try, please contact
gsm-support@virtualdynamix.com before your IP address becomes
blacklisted on the server.
3. Firmly connect your phone to the selected COM port via the
service cable.
4. Remove the battery from the back of your phone.
5. Click on the "Unlock" tab and then click "READ GDFS"
6. You will be prompted to POWER ON THE PHONE. Insert the
battery back on the phone.
7. Tap the "NO" button on your phone. The phone will not appear to turn on, but the software will begin connecting to the server. Do not press any other buttons.
8. Immediately following connection to the server, you will
be placed in a queue with the number of users ahead of you.
9. Wait for the client program to connect to the server and
retrieve the proper unlock codes for your phone.
10. Click the CODES pulldown arrow to see the various unlock
codes for your phone (NCK, SPCK, NSCK, CCK). These codes are
also stored in LOGFile.txt.
11. Remove the phone from the cable and power on the phone.
12. Press <**< to enter the phone lock screen. Select the
locked network that you wish to unlock (usually the first
one) and press yes. It should ask you for a code (usually NCK). Enter in the appropriate code and press yes.
13. Your phone should now be unlocked. Enjoy.