View Full Version : New member with a new phone! (7250)

05-07-2003, 03:37 PM
Hi all,

got this site off google, impressed to say the least quite a few members.

anyhooo! i just got my handset upgraded from orange FOC went from a t68i to a nokia 7250.

impressed i must say i loved my old 8210!

im quite computer literate & updated firmware on cd-burners etc... so im not COMPLETELY new :-D

reason i joined this site ;

a) learn about how to use some of this fancy nokia s/ware
b) get lots of polyphonic ringtones/ op logo's etc...
c) what hardware i need.

Q1) i've been offered a 7250 data cable for 6.99 in p&p which i think im going to buy.... unless anyone else knows anywhere else cheaper?

Q2) whats the best s/ware to use? (not beginners s/ware)

Q3) are there any free websites that will send FREE of charge java games / mms / directly to my phone (without me having to d/load them and install via cable)

Thanks for yer time

any of u grow weed ?

www.uk420.com im a mamber on there too :)