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21-06-2002, 09:42 PM
A friend recently flashed my phone to the latest firmware. After that the phone froze on several occasions and i had to take out the battery to restart it. The second more important problem is that my SMS alert beeps don't work any more. There is only vibra. Only SMS tone that works is "Ascending". Does any of you have a solution or experience with such an strange thing. It worked flawlessly before flashing. Thanks for answering. BTW SW version was 5.56 and now i have 5.44. He tried even earlier versions and none of them seemed to work. It's really annoying couse now i don't know when i receive a message. Oh, and he also opened the phone to clean all the dust that was in it and to check the antenna becouse i was losing a signal on a daily basis for a few minutes.

TIA yovo

24-06-2002, 01:41 AM
i have experienced that....

flash your phne with 6210 virgin eeprom start 5FA000 .....you will get 4 locks closed and 6565656565 and ??????????? in imei.But dont worry
use rolis 1.7. Pls do 1. update faid 2. clear sp locks 3. and change imei. copy it from tha back of your phone....and your phone will be ok.

ps. if your phone will ask forsec. code try to total reset your phone. gud luck.