View Full Version : UPGRADED NOKIA 8210 - 8250! small problem!

22-06-2002, 06:05 PM
hi i have upgraded my nokia 8210 to a 8250 its works fine. however i can only edit the first 10 or so picture messages and the 11-17 are default - cannot change using logo manager. if i do a factory reset i then cannot use the picutre messages as screen savers and can only use the crap default images...is this normal or is there a way to fix it? also my ring tone names are type 1 type 2..can i change them back to original? if anybody can help or have mcp & ppm for ver 5.02 5.04 i would appreciate the help. thanks

23-06-2002, 10:17 AM
what version of logomanager are u using? try using 1.25.

8250 is released in asia, thats why it has type x ringtone names.

use PPMManager to change the ringtone names or change it with

the original.

:) :) :)

03-07-2002, 08:58 AM
Use LogoManager 1.2.7 - they fixed this bug with 8250 and 3310 not being able to change all the pictures in this version it may help.

With the ringtones.

1. Open the 8250 MCU+PPM file in FlashTone 2.05 cracked by Cyber

2. Delete all but the last Type xx ringtone - you need to keep at least one on there for now.

3. Read a 5210 (yes, thats 5210) MCU+PPM in PPM manager and extract all the tones.

4. Open the 8250 file you removed all but 1 ringtone from.

5. Import all the ringtones in numerical order, 10 at a time with the add one or more ringtone option in PPM Manager, Nokia Tune is allways 000

6. WHen you have done that, save the file, open it again in Flashtone, delete that Type xx tone you left in, and Nokia Tune should now be the very first in the list.

7. Open again in PPM Manager and then correct the PPM CRC.

8. Flash as usual and correct the FAID.

You now have a working 8210 with 8310 ringtones (they were from a 5210 but they are the same as 8310 :))