View Full Version : 8210 no signal/network again !

23-06-2002, 01:00 PM
this is the second 8210 i have received with this problem
re-flashed the phone updated faid changed imei etc
using knock--eeprom 3.1--nk calc
buut still no network/signal

tnx boldi
is this hardware or just mee :) :)

Rob van Dam
23-06-2002, 01:26 PM
Try updating the latest SW version on the phone and then update the FAID and reset it to factory settings using Jordik Nok-tool,You can get the latest SW version here (http://flashes.ptisp.org/mcuppm/8210/8210_531_D.zip) :)

Rob van Dam
23-06-2002, 01:30 PM
Use rolis v4.77 to flash it,get it here (http://www.cubwolf.btinternet.co.uk/software/rolis477.zip) and use jordik nokia tool to reset the factory settings and update the FAID,and get jordik nokia tool here (http://www11.brinkster.com/welshwizard/Software/nokia_tool_303.zip) and you may need this driver to work it - here (http://www11.brinkster.com/welshwizard/Software/Driver/mscomm32.zip) :)