View Full Version : Nec 3g Phones On 3 Network

28-07-2003, 02:50 AM
I guess I'm not the only one who has been sitting here playing with one of 3's new 3g style video phones and not being able to do a damn thing with it!! OK! The 750 minutes of X-Network Anytime minutes comes in handy if you like to talk for England!!!! But it would be nice to say PLAY A JAVA GAME! OR DOWNLOAD A POLY OR EVEN RECEIVE A MMS TEXT OR VIDEO once in a while! Sadly this seems to be a non-existant collection of features for the majority of us!
Now surely there must be someone who has a little knowledge of maybe knowing where we can get an ample collection of polys (Type 0) that we can upload, not from 20 years ago, via a cable and not wap! and...if we're a firm believer of miracles maybe a java software uploader program. So if we cant do much at least we can play a game or listen to a poly.If not then we've got a bloody expensive phone that looks good but has the features of a Analog Motorola BRICK!!

HELP! Post a reply or email me at JUSTFONA@aol.com