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15-07-2002, 06:17 AM

Hi Users,

Im a german user and Im sorry for my english,but i hope you can help me:D :D :D .

For my friend (they have the 8855) I need a ppm with german language.But here in Germany we can buy it.

I dont know how to can translate the ppm in other language.

Im a user in a german GSM-forum,gsmfreeboard.com,
in this forum I have ask the same question,but they cant help me.

Ive find this forum,and my hope is you can help me.

thx funshopper

When your Phone have Contact Service or need a fullbackupfile:
Then show here,contact withe Email then I send this fullbackup.
Tell me what for a fullback you needed (Nokia Phone and the Softwareversion)all the backups you can changes in english (original in time language is german)
My Email : Robin31075@aol.com