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21-09-2003, 01:54 PM
As I figured out, all the SMSes are stored in c:, no matter what. Also, any new folders for storing SMSes in the MEssaging app can be only created in c: drive. Me no likey... I save almost all my SMSes, and like to keep them with me (and not on my home PC). Any ideas how can I make them SMSes go directly to the D: drive? 9110 had this nice way of saving SMSes, which were saved each one as individual file in the folder specified. 9210, I think, saves all those SMSes in one single file, kinda like Outlook Express. Can that be changed?

Contacts - same thing. I know I can create a new contacts db on the D: drive, but then, as I understood, the incoming callers number won't be connected with contact's name, so any incoming call would just dislay the caller's number, not the name. Is there a way around it, in oprder to keep the C: as free as possible?

22-09-2003, 11:25 AM
Load messaging
go to
message storage
change to memory
In memory in use change it to memory card
select MOVE not change

This will copy all tthe current messages into memory card, and any new messages will also be stored in the memory card (d:)

Create new contacts db
load contacts
more options
new database
give it a name
You will now have a new db on the mmc

Yes, u are correct contacts on the mmc databse will not show the name of who is calling just the number, and no there is no way to get the commy to display the name of a calling contact if the contact is stored on the mmc