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26-09-2003, 03:34 PM
my phone is 7110
iam inserted sim card and entered pin code.
then iam wieving the messages from the sim card
on the screen insert sim card and restart the phone

my question
this is software or hardware problem

how to fix this error

29-09-2003, 12:14 PM
Hi there :)

It could be one of three things......

1) faulty SIM card - phone can't "read" the SIM properly
2) faulty SIM reader - again, phone can't read the SIM due to bad contact etc...
3) software trouble - try to re-flash the phone and see if it's solved :)

First, try with another SIM card. If it then works, it is a faulty SIM.
If still not, try t jiggle the SIM reader, gently bent it's contacts a bit upwards to make better contact to the SIM. Again, try with two different SIM's.
If it then still doesn't work, flash the phone with new firmware and test again.
If it then STILL refuses to accept any SIM, it might be a PCB problem......

Good luck.....
your Thanh

29-09-2003, 08:12 PM
iam tryed to insert another sim card updated the latest firmware of 7110 5.01 (Langpack B) ok reading messages..

another problem when opening the phone random time 10 mins later or 1 hour or 2,3 hours insert sim card how to fix this error this is badly....


30-09-2003, 11:14 AM
Hello again :)
It seems to me that inserting another SIM has (at least partially) solved the issue.

So do the following:
In the phone's SIM holder, there are six contact "tongues", the golden things that touch the SIM when it is inserted.
GENTLY bent these a little upward. Be VERY carefull not to break them! Then also clean them with a Q-Tip and some alcohol (perfume is fine, or nail-polish-remover).
Then also clean the SIM card's contacts, the golden "field" on the SIM. Do so at best with a dry piece of toilet paper (no kidding, works best for me). Rub them untill they're shining.
Then insert the SIM and try the phone.

If the problem re-occurs, you need to do a repair. You then need to open the phone!
After you got it open, locate the SIM holder. Is it sldered to the PCB or stick-on type? If the first, just re-solder the six contact pins. Be carefull, don't press and don't let the solderer tip tuch anything plastic.
If the holder is of the stick type, also bent it's PCB side contacts gently downward, and clean them as above. Then clean the PCB's contacts, here use a Q-Tip and same alcoholic fluid as above, and make sure they're shiny golden, ot having any dark or greenish spot (happens often if you live in a humid area!). The reassemble the phone, and test it again. It should for sure be ok now!

Good luck..........
your Thanh