View Full Version : blocked by the networks as lost/stolen.

03-10-2003, 05:07 PM
Hallo. i have been asking around this forum about my 7650 that me and my friend found in the woods a couple of days ago. We were happy! It worked the first two days, but then i could not get a network connection!! and i tried a service provider unlock code. Did not work! The phone said: simcard lock not on. So i guess it was not locked. And one guy here said that that it has been blocked by the networks as lost/stolen. I beleive him. But he said i could do it but it would cost allot. and its not worth it. And i heard on another forum that you can just buy a cable and have experience!=) So. Then it is possible to change the IMEI code with just one cable and programs??? Please help me if you know allot about this things. cause i want to use that phone! It looks almost new, and i dont want to trash it! Thanks...

04-10-2003, 03:25 PM
For the 7650/3650 the only prodct that fully supports IMEI re-build is a trisha box http://www.gsm-tech.de/trisha.html coats about $400.00 but price is falling all the time.

Also changing of the IMEI on the DCT-4 nokia requires some soldering skills to be able to remove the UEM chip from the board and attach a new blank one.

Also cable and program solution is only for the DCT-3 nokias.