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Albanian Ronin
04-10-2003, 08:04 PM
hey everyone can anyone help me unlock a couple phones locked to cingular i got 4 phones 1st nokia 6340i imei #010144507812265 2nd motorola v60gi imei #350906691700714 3rd siemens a56 imei #010127512129007 last siemens a56 imei #010127512128959 thank you for the help

04-10-2003, 10:06 PM

The 6340i - Post your IMEI number AND your network code in the DCT4 Unlock section (NOT THIS SECTON) and someone will provide you with a code and instructions on how to unlock it.

The Moto V60 - search the Motorola section of the fourm (NOT THE NOKIA DCT3 SECTION) and you will find cracked VictorGSM Software, with this SW and the the right data lead you will be able to unlock that one.

The Siemens A56 - Search the Siemens section (NOT THE NOKIA DCT3 SECTION) and you will find there, software that again with the right data cable will unlock those two.

Motorla and Siemens cannot be unlock by IMEI code for free.

And please post in the right fourms.

Best Regards