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07-08-2002, 07:26 PM
HI guys,
I got some fast questions:

I recently started out flashing fones...
First I was succesful with my own 3310, and even got it converted to 3315.

Now I got a friend who has a 7110, and who only wants to have the language pack changed..he had itīs fone sent in, and after returning his phone only "knew" swedish, danish...and...well anyways just languages he didnīt understood..

So my questions:
1. Is it possible to just change the language pack only, without touching the whole flash file...and do I have to have the correct language pack version, for example version..4. corresponding with the flash file I got on my phone...or does THIS not really matter?!

2. Do I have to have an m-bus cable to "update faid" and stuff, or is this not required to update the language section only?! Thatīs very important for me to know, since I only have an m/f-bus cable for my own 3310 but not for his 7110, but I DO have a flash file fitting ALL nokia fones :-)

I wanna know this ahead of time, before I screw something up.

Maybe you then can tell me, where I can find the proper 7110 language-pack B file, too??!!

Thanx again for your help!!



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15-08-2002, 02:44 AM
1) You need the corect PPM (language pack flash file) A, B, C, D, etc...

2) You need a flasher cable (LPT port interface) for the PPM file. You can purchase just the cable for the 7110 instead of buying the whole flasher kit (5110/6110/7110 cable) and you still need the MBus for the 7110 to update the faid also.

You need to first find out what SW version the 7110 is running, e.g: *#0000# on the phone to find out. Then you can download the PPM pack B to flash the Language to the phone.

NOTE: PPM packs are not the same for all phones, e.g: for my 5110 Portuguese (since I am Portuguese after all:)) is in back A, on the 3310 it's on pack B, and on 7110 it's on pack G (just an example).