View Full Version : 2 non working 7110s with 1 prob that could be fixed by the other

30-08-2002, 12:39 AM
ive got 2 7110s 1 with a faulty keypad and good signal and 1 with a good keypad and crap signal.
how would i go about transfering hardware from 1 pcb to the other, what chips or parts control the antenna?
what parts or chips control the keypad
ive managed to get 2 buttons on the pad working but the rest dont seem to want to work, scroll bar scrolls but button doesnt work :(
some pcb diagrams or some form of labeled diagram would help me out so i know what im lookin for
mail me at djmoggy@ntlworld.com


30-08-2002, 01:28 AM
Hope this is of some help.... DISPLAY SIDE
1. Key pad
2. LED
3. Connector to microphone
4. Roller key switch
5. Epcos B7100; 71MHz SAW filter
6. SAW filter 232.2 MHz
7. Fujitsu SAW filter 947.5MHz
8. Epcos B4677; SAW filter 902.5MHz
9. Infineon PMB2353; GSM / DCS frontend
10.Hitachi PF01411B; 900MHz power amplifier
11.Antenna Switch + DCS filter
12.Display connector
13.Hitachi PF0414B; 1800MHz power amplifier
14.Epcos SAW filter 1747.5MHz
15.Ceramic filter (1800MHz)
16.SAW filter 1747.5MHz
17.SAW filter 1747.5MHz
18.FDK IN068;VCO 464MHz
19.FDK IM013B; VCO 1942-2067MHz
20.Ceramic filter 13MHz
21.SUMMA; GSM tranceiver, PLL and power control

30-08-2002, 01:34 AM
And here is the SIM SIDE


1. Intel 28F160; Flash 1Mx16
2. Intel 28F160; Flash 1Mx16
3. Bottom connector
4. Philips Semiconductors ASIC NMP70165 = UBA2006 charging circuit
5. Samsung KM68U4000; SRAM 512kx8
6. Texas Instruments MAD2PR1 Microcontroller and DSP based on ARM7TDMI
7. Nokia Asic CCONT2i; NMP70467 Multi functional power management IC, SIM controller, RTC, watchdog
9. TC7W126FU; =1/2 * 74HC126 tri-state buffer/line driver for IR interface
10.Kyocera KT14-KEU28L; 13MHz VCO, 5ppm, -20C - 75C, 2.8Volt, with AFC function
11.Battery connectors
12.Shielded area containing Duplex filter
13.IR tranceiver
14.Vibrator motor
15.External Antenna connector with switch
16.SIM card connector
17.COBBA: NMP70643 Audio Codec (D/A and A/D convertor)

30-08-2002, 10:16 PM
thats a great help, may i ask where you got all the info for the pcb from?

cheers once again :D


17-05-2003, 04:19 PM
Here : http://www.inside-gsm.com/Nokia/Nokia_7110/Inside_Nokia_7110/inside_nokia_7110.html

20-05-2003, 09:01 AM
Try to write MAD2WDi in www.google.com a pdf file must be there /name ch2sys3210 but Im not 100% sure/ in this file You will
Find base band general description ..... all mobile phones are based on this principle schematic. Hope it will help You ...