View Full Version : Relock DCT4

12-03-2004, 01:39 AM
Does this work:

I 've read this someplace: replace the first # with * in the unlock code and this will relock the phone to the network it was locked to before it was unlocked by code.

Please somebody try it (my phone is locked and I don't wanna unlock it) with a SIM of the ORIGINAL provider inserted!


(btw I've started a Relock DCT3 topic also in the DCT3 Unlock section but relocking DCT3 is not as important as DCT4)

I forgot, here is an example:

*pw+123456789012345+1# with SIM card IN PHONE

of course you should write the NCK you've calculated someday to unlock your phone instead of 123456789012345

(tried *pw+123456789012345+1# in MY phone with my SIM card in it and it DID NOT FUCK UP the SIM so don't worry)