View Full Version : New Nokiafree Download area created

16-03-2004, 11:07 AM
To avoid leechers, spiders, automated downloads and traffic overload i have put a limitation in the download, so members can download limited by membership time and number of posts:

Regular user have 5 Mb by day
If user have 5 post and 30 days membership have 10 Mb by day
If user have 25 post and 90 days membership have 20 Mb by day
If user have 50 post and 180 days membership have 30 Mb by day
If user have 100 post and 270 days membership have 35 Mb by day
If user have 500 post and 365 days membership have 40 Mb by day

Only moderators and authorized members can upload, if you have something useful that you have tested and works 100% please contact us and we will give you upload privileges.

Link is in the navigation bar.