View Full Version : Latest 3310 embed for dload v6.33

23-04-2004, 09:10 PM
Hi ppl i know some people have been struggling to compile a mados flash and also having problems with genolite i must stress that there is a certain way to get it working that is not shown in any other threads so im gonna post my flash for ppl to enjoy btw if you need help compiling a flash pm me or message me and i will help you out... :D

My 1st working flash with mados ENJOY compiled today..

Have fun and many thanks to all who have worked on the mados project... :-) respect

See ya NFU

28-04-2004, 03:29 PM

For contribution here is my own flash for 3310 , the version is 6.33 , the languages are English and Brazilian Portuguese, it have rithymic leds and the MADos version is CVS of april 27 of 2004 ;) , Net monitor are NOT required for MADos running ( MADos menu entry is no main menu )

PhAnThOm 2o4o