View Full Version : 5100 barred on irish networks, swap?

29-04-2004, 09:47 PM

I have a Nokia 5100 (as brand new) barred IMEI here in Ireland (all Irish

Anyone interested in a swap? i will accept most DCT4 Nokia's but preferably
another 5100.

Let me know what your offering, and ill concider.

Please see photograph's on the following links(3):
(the same phone x 3)

- http://www.traxmusic.org/temp/Nokia_5100_new_4403.jpg
- http://www.traxmusic.org/temp/Nokia_5100_new_4404.jpg
- http://www.traxmusic.org/temp/Nokia_5100_new_4405.jpg

Just and idea, as this phone is usless to me.
Maybe you have some contacts that might have a barred 5100 or something

This is genuine.

Mail me on: dmac ( AT ) traxmusic ( DOT ) org...
Thank you very much.