View Full Version : BEWARE - Carphone Warehouse Sheffield

07-05-2004, 09:49 AM

I have now heard two horror stories from this place and would like to make anyone and everyone in Sheffield aware that the Carphone Warehouse on the Sheffield Parkway are miss leading and not helpful at all.

1. A friend bought a Nokia 6230 on O2 from there, he was pushed into the CPWH's insurance plan and top level at that. Until he visited the wesite, he didn't realise that cheaper insurance plans were available. Imagine his shock when he then found out O2 do the same insurance package at half the price. He decided to return the phone, they wouldn't let him. He then spoke to me, well I rang O2 and explained the situation, they were shocked about what they heard and were going to look into it. So off I went to CPWH and with a moderate amount of table banging, (I explained the cooling off period of 28 days for contracts that is required by law. Not to mention the mis-selling of insurance) and guess what they sorted it out EVENTUALLY!

2. A friend bought a cheap pay as you go phone, developed a fault after 3 weeks, can't make calls. CPWH say they can send the phone off repair but he wants a replacement. And after 3 weeks, I think he deserves one. But they are being stubben. He wants to deal with this one himself.

Anyway, these are just 2 horror stories I have heard. Would be interested to hear from anyone who has managed to get any sort of good service out of them as well as anyone else who has had problems.