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12-05-2004, 11:03 PM
Have tried using codes to unlock a 3510, however as this was a first attempt got it all wrong and tried 7 incorrect codes. Am now getting a Cannot remove restriction message. Which I beleive means I can no longer use the code method to unlock.
Under the advice of someone else I got a data cable and have tried 5 different software packages to unlock this phone and 3 will not connect to the phone at all. The 2 downloaded from the members site report:

fbusv25 - mscomm32.ocx not registered and will not open.
Windct4 - just keeps telling me "priveliged instruction"

Does this mean the phone cannot be unlocked by these methods?

If so how can I get it unlocked?

If I can do it myself what am I doing wrong.

12-05-2004, 11:22 PM
you need a dct4 flasher dongle as well

look on the ucables link at the top right of the forum

13-05-2004, 12:29 AM
Thanks, but....

1. what exactly is it I have looked on site and searched but return nothing.


2. Do I use this with current cable, instead of or ...?????

14-05-2004, 08:44 AM
A dongle is an interface between your PC and your handset. It is a circuit board, that makes the software able to communicate and change some settings on the handset.

To unlock a DCT4 handset, you need a dongle box. There are different dongles in the market, beeing Prodigy, Griffin and the Twister the heads. I think i've seen something like a cheap dongle (something like 50 esterline pounds), but not sure where i saw it.

For the box, you need an specific cable to your phone, but the boxes comes usually with a fair amount of different cables for diff handsets.

They cost something like U$S 250-300, but you can get some closeouts, or things like that.

Before you ask, there's no other way to unlock your phone. You NEED a dongle to unlock the phone. The box will probably come with a lot of flashes (the firmware), cables, and free upgrades.

See, in my opinion, there's no sense. It's an investment, and unless you're in the business of unlocking phones, it's really senseless. You can find a private repair shop, and they will unlock it for less than U$S 50 for sure, and that's a fair amount less than the box. Think that the box will be useless after that.. unless you start to try decoding the dct4 files...

good luck