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14-05-2004, 08:40 PM
i created a list, that holds information about the nibbles and ram used in gsc scripts. so, it should be possible for every developer to use free nibbles and rams. this list isn't complete yet, i think. if you know some more, you can send me of course.

here you can found the list. i will update the list as soon as i know more used nibbles/ram.


19-05-2004, 10:56 AM
thanks krisha.
good info:)

19-05-2004, 06:17 PM

To run the added gsc stuff, Ur phone needs some addresses etc.

Mr. G3 & Mr. Krisha made a very nice system in which some 16 adresses can be stored inside the ram, all for the different types of patches available.
(OwnGetRam/ OwnSetRam)

The value stored in SafeRam points to the start of that table.
(If using the SAME saferam address while patching it!)

That makes it possible to organise and run muliple patches in one flash.

Some of the patches also have a memory, so after Ur phone is been off/ on, it can know what was set.
(Get/Set ConfigNibble)

So next to that ram data, also essential memory must be stored inside the phones eeprom.

Those are defined in these socalled nibbles list.

Those nibbles are stored in some 9 free bytes inside the eeprom, just after where Ur 3 bytes of the security code are stored. (relative start = 0x113, absolute = 0x113+0x26)

9 bytes ain't much, developers are supposed to use the minimum required space there. (and notify them as being used in this thread please)

Mr. Krisha,

I already wanna reserve the last 3 bytes after the product Id value for my own memorised purposes later. (startup tone selector)

And for SafeRam, I always need at least one dword reserved.

May I be so free to connect 0x0D again to 'Reserved to NokDoc'?

Thanks. ;)