View Full Version : V60i PHX8_G_03.12.03R, IMEI Serviceable?

ESN Authority
01-06-2004, 08:38 PM
Hi and respect to all!

Sorry for posting such a newbie question, but i got a V60i PHX8_G_03.12.03R, unlocked. And i am wondering if i can repair the IMEI...

I got Original MSS 3.7 (no IMEI Repair option), cracked 3.2.3 and a Patriot Clip (i think itīs Patriot I).

MSS 3.2.3 cannot repair/unlock 8MB phones, i tried with the clip (random IMEI repair) but when the process starts, this messages displays:

"boot loader 10.01, battery OK, ready to program"

the phone turns off and doesnīt restart (like in normal IMEI repair), and the IMEI Stays the same..

Is it impossible to repair IMEI on these models?..should i try to downgrade to older firmware version and then try with the clip?...or i donīt have to lose my time because is it not possible to do the aforementioned operation.

Thanks and regards to all..