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25-01-2004, 04:29 PM
Hi all!
Well this topic is pretty hardware so all of U will be able to try this this things....
Mostly the problems are with network so Ill start with this........
First of all always run a test with Eeprom tools 3.1 or 4.0....
Most problems with this are related to PA or to antenna switch....
Checking antenna switch is pretty simple.....
next tip will help U:
put the pcb with back up....PA in your left...then /U first must remove the antenna swithch/ start counting from left to right connect 6,12 and 16 pin with a wire....phone must get network /only in 900Mhz/
Same position.../PA in Your left/ .....connect 1,7 and 11 pin..
PA under IR port....
then connect 3,9 and 15 pins....
/Remember this tests are only for 900MHz../
Some tricks for all nokia phones:...
After a test with Eeprom tools :
PPM/MCU Checksum failed: Full flash the phone...If not help U must change the flash chip..
CCONT Interface failed:Reheat or change CCONT , If not help its mostky MAD or PCB foult...
Cobba parralel/Serial failed:
Reheat or change Cobba chip....If not help reheat MAD ..or change it...or PCB foult...
EEPROM Tune Checksum Faied...MOstly U need to change flash chip, reflash the phone fix IMEI and clear SP locks...
NOw Ill comment problems related to models:
Always charging: Reheat, change CCONT
No network: Reheat Cobba,CCONT,PA,IF filters...
No ringer: Connect Pin 6 of user interface chip to upper right pin of the ringer
Network is found but cant make calls: Reheat CCONT, Cobba and check antenna switch..
No charge: Check F200
No charge with Li-Ion battery: reset software with nokia tool 1.9 by rolis
Battery goes empty when U have a call: This is a PA foult, change it...
Reconect charger massage: solder a wire from R204 to R200, to the sides looking to Chaps chip...
Keypad not work proper: Change R414 and 415...or user interface chip..
Cant power on but charging goes....: Reheat CCONT or change it check voltage on power on button if there is voltage change V202
Insert SIM card: Reheat CCONT
Phone resets or turn off by it self: Change or remove L511, or change r529 from2,2kOhms to 1kOhm /Tested-works 100%/
No ringing: connect Pin 6 of user interface chip with upper pad of ringer...
Display problems: Try new one ore change C409 and C410
No signal: Mostly PA..
No signal unless IR active:Try change C153...
No vibra and lights: Change user interface chip...
No charge:Remove /or change/ V100
Charge Ok but will not power on: Reheat CCONT If there is voltage on power on key change V116
For all DCT3 phones : Network playing and melody run slow: Change 32MhZ clock..
No charge:Check F100...
Key pad dont work: Check or change Z301...this is valid for all new nokias but I cant remember the number of the chip...
For all nokias:
Phone hangs, and cant be fixed with flash: change the clock /26MHz/ If it dont work U need to reball HAGAR chip..

Some more tips: Be pation, use Ur brain, service manual, ask questions....
More..Be in love with dead phones...the point: U cant kill it more.../simple precheck: apply 4V to phone from a stabilised unit..if consuption is around 20mA phone is still alive/ ...Ive learned alot diging dead phones....
Good luck to all of U!

04-02-2004, 09:59 PM
Actually there is one thing that may help- re: the reconnect charger message, i found just now on a phone i did, it was doing all sorts of things in addition to the reconnect message- u turn the phone off and the lights wouldn't go off, then when u turn back on the phone thinks its charging still, with no charger connected ! Also the sounder was buzzing whenever the charger was in. The link between R200 and R204 cleared all these faults at once. Hope this is of some help !


11-03-2004, 09:41 PM
Here is a no network way of diagnostic:
Run a test with Eeprom tools 3.1 and 4.0 this gives a point
next its important if the test is good and no network, I mean phone cant even see it next steps:
Put SIM card, power on, dial a service number and put phone close to a turned on radio /close to the antena/ if there is a conection with network U will here "puk, puk, puk, puk/ if U dont hear it this solves the problem in most cases
1. Reheat CCONT-> check phone
2.Reheat COBBA -> check phone
3.Reheat HAGAR-> check phone
If there is network but cant make a call this is PA- U will not hear puk puk puk on radio test..
Tip..HAGAR is a DSP processor the phone is registering with network with it
But in nokia phones /DCT3/ problems are mostly around CCONT and COBBA
Good luck!

Edit: soon Ill post a guide how to chage BGA chips

27-03-2004, 07:11 PM
Well only reheating doesnt do the job...U need to touch the chip to be sure that bubles under it are solder properly..When Im saing touch it must be a gentle one like U touch a woman...not to smash it to the PCB..
Tip: Use temperatyre no more than 310 degree celsium..
Heat the chip with round movements..dont heat the centre U may kill the chip...
Tip: make some trainings on half live phones on power chips mostly..in this way U will be sure that phone stays alive..
Im using a dentist tool to touch the chips..
Dont heat sealed chips..U can kill the phone..

29-03-2004, 04:32 PM
Hi all!
Well this is a very helpfull way of testing but it needs some equipment..
The trick: Get a old battery..open it carefuly...remuve the element..keep the small PCB apply to wires to plus and minus pads of the battery...close back..
Now U need a DC power supply with voltage and current indicators or 3.6V power supply and multimeter..
The point: conect battery to DC unit but it in the phone and power on /sim inserted/
Normal consumption is around 200mA when phone connects to network...100-130mA when lights goes off and after that 10-15mA when get to stand by mode..
During a call consumption is around 250mA /300mA max/ if its more be sure thats a foulty PA..
Phone doesnt lights..conect again try power on:
Consumtion is 30mA and over...phone needs to be flashed..
Consumption is 20mA and less..Flash chip must be changet and after that flash...
Consuption is around 10mA..change 26MHz osscilator..If not help problem is flash chip...
Its perfect if U find a BLB-2 /8210/ it fits on many models including 3310..
U can also use this little tool when U flash phones-100% garantee..
Ill update quantities in the future for ather problems..

11-04-2004, 04:14 PM
Hi all...
Well lets start:
1.Needed equipment:
SMD rework soldering station
Soldering iron
Mignifier lamp
BGA plate /look at the attachment/
Flux / I use liquid flux/
Thinol paste /I use american, signature 069000 or something like that/
Resoldering wire
Small knife
Dentist tool
2. Removing
With the rework station at max 320 degree celsium heat the chip till its posible to pick it up that aprox 40 sec/ dont pick it emidiatly whait some more time and than pick it up...After that heat the PCB some more time~10 sec.
With the soldering iron and resoldering wire and flux clean the PCB / very carefull here tuoch the soldering iron to the resoldering wire wait till it get hot and very gentle slide it to the PCB ever slide it in direction to U not oposite../ let it to get cold..
With the soldering iron and flux clean the bubles from the chip..
Clean bouth PCB and chip with pure alcohol
/I will describe here the procedure when U dont have a brand new chip, brand new chips comes with bubles/
Get the BGA plate clean it very good with pure alkohol....
Find the aproprite sector ..plase it over the chip...Press it with the twizels..
With the knife apply thinol paste /apply here some preasure with the knife/..
slide Ur finger over the plate..gentle no need to apply preasure..
Keeping pressing the plate get the hot air gun /~300 degree celsium/
and heat the plate U will see how bubles will apear after ~15 sec....heat good ~25-30 sec...Still presing the plate wait ~20 and remove twizels...let the plate get cold...With flexing movements of the plate try to remuve the chip.../I personaly after flexing the plate use the twizels and push the bubles/..
when the chip is off the plate heat it again /bubles up/..U will see how bubles goes exatly to their places..let it get cold..Precheck..With the magnifier take a look at the bubles..they must be equal...
Tip:some times one or two bubles are smaler or dont even exist dont worry..without remuving the chip from the plate apply paste again press with the twizels and reheat..or if U have alredy remuved just put it back on the plate and fix the problem..
Mounting the chip...
This is the strongest part of the procedure...Apply flux over the PCB...
Place the chip..there are repers around the place of the chip...fit it good..
Get the hot air gun and the dentist tool..heat the chip /careful here ..use low air/ for but 30sec...touch it slightly with the dentist tool...As I said in previos post bout reheating U must see the same behavior of the chip...remuve the air gun...let the PCB get cold...
With a multimeter measure the resistance between + and -...must be over 13KOhms...
Well thats it...
Tip...make some trainings with dead phones till U are sure Ur skills are good..
more: in most cases problem is not the chip..so U can solve the problem only with making new bubles..
Dentist tool is a tool which dentist use when checking a tooth...
Good luck all...
Edit: Im waiting questions and sugestion bout this guide..related only to the things I was wrote here..to make it better...


15-04-2004, 01:37 AM
Dont post questins here..or ill close the thread..

03-05-2004, 01:09 AM
Hi all!
Yes its posible....but..
First its illegal..
Second..U need good skils and eqipment...
Third..U will ask why..siple..Nokia has stored IMEI in otp area../it means one time programable area/..
So ..no guide for it..cause its illegal..
Just a tip..read alot and U will find how to do this..I personaly dont want to mess with Nokia department..

04-05-2004, 10:01 PM
this is my contribution

if the phone
- get 0000 - hagar or/and audio

try to reset factory setting
- if you get any network name - antena switch or/and PA

try to manual search for network
- search for long time and gets all the network name - audio or/and PA
- search long time but no network - audio or/and ccont
- search short time and gets or not the network name - hagar

weak network - antena switch

one of the band not found - antena switch or/and hagar or/and ccont

ok thats all
but this is just some of the teory that i use
not guaranteed
sorry for my bad english

06-06-2004, 03:01 PM
Hi all!
I think this was posted befor by Mr.chunkhead..but Ill post it here again..
So, get get virgin eeprom and rolis flasher 4.78..write virgin eeprom, than with nokia tool by rolis 1.8 write IMEI, than unlock, than software reset than set FAID..Thats it..If it doesnt work U have hardware foult..
PS:Its should be valid for all DCT3 phoneds but I havent test it yet..

01-04-2006, 05:22 PM
Hi all the comunity!
Here are some tips...:
This works in cases as the title or blank screen...
1.Step one: Use *+3+Green button+power on button...U will see phone powering on..than "Formmating" will be displayed...just wait..after that..power off..insert sim..power on..hope phone works again...if not..
2.Step two: with UFS box..format couple of times user area..after that full flash phone..unlock..set factory...mostly problem solved..if not ..
3.Step 3: with UFS box..use erase option...after that full flash Ur phone..MCU+PPM+CNT+PM file..unlock..set factory...if not working again...jump over UPP with the hot air station...
Best regards!

01-04-2006, 05:24 PM
Hi all!
Well two steps mostly...
1.With UFS box use option RpBT in Ur right in the window..works in most cases..if not..
2.Replace BT module...99% success..if not..time to dig in service manual..

01-04-2006, 05:26 PM
Hi all!
I mean here 1100, 2300, 3100...3120..ect...that class of phones...
1.Check fuse, check zener diode..If ok...problem is in UEM..need to be changed...

01-04-2006, 05:28 PM
Hi all!
Well mostly solution is siple..disasemble phone...U will see a white or black coactual cable connecting the two parts of the phone..99% of the cases problem is there...else..DSP problem..need to be reheated...

01-04-2006, 05:30 PM
Hi all!
Well mostly display is in blue..that means U need to change the flat cable..if display come in white only...be shure its UPP problem..

01-04-2006, 05:34 PM
That means the comunication with the flash chip cant be done...
What U need...
Replace the flash chip....calculate *.ask file from phone...get a *.rpl file from *.ask file /U need to purchise from Griffin team or Tornado team/..put back the new *.rpl file..phone revived..

01-04-2006, 05:38 PM
Mostly in UFS 1st boot error..or if it pass...second boot error...and alots of zeros as a result under "second boot failed"..What to do...
in first case..a message cames..bad responce UPP...here reheat/reball UPP..
in second case...U need to replace the RAM chip...the glas one left from UPP if system connector in in Ur side...than full flash..phone works..

01-04-2006, 05:41 PM
This is a though problem...U are trying to open the camera but "memory full" jumps in the screen..U check the memory..and its empty...a problem..
U need to chnge user flash chip in this case...as I said tough problem..somethimes changing RAM always do the trick..eproring will be continued..till final silution..