View Full Version : unlocking myx6

28-06-2004, 06:47 PM
hey ive got a sagem my x6 and i wud like 2 unlock it, it is locked on orange
is there any way i cud unlock it and is der anychance some one cud help wit it
thanks :-P :-? :)

yes it is possible to get some info....
go here http://free-zg.htnet.hr/hrco/
download astu sw, read whit this sw(press log phone must be connect and powered ON)
If you finde field 5709, (I think you will not finde), then remote unolck for your phone is possible, if not finde.....
Then you will must use, sagem code reader and open your phone and use test point for it!

So this i little description for your problem!
Bat one info for you, you can't here ask for codes becouse you are too young member(min 25 post)
so you can buy logg's or ask on other place (offcours if your phone have free field 5709 for reading)