View Full Version : New Flash modding Contest

03-07-2004, 03:00 AM
Right here is the final version of the flash modding contest

I am really sorry to anyone that has been waiting for this contest over the past months
you have to understand that I have had a lot of PC troubles lately :(

But here we go

The rules are pretty similar to before but there is no need to register
Just simply post a description of your flash and a link or attachment of your flash in your post in the flash mod contest section of this forum
I will then moderate each thread that is posted and then they will appear
please only post once, they will appear in the forum as soon as I say they can.

I think the prize is the same as before but I may need to check with our Admin about this

When I have all the flash files in I will post a poll up where everyone can vote for the best modified flash file
The winner, the flash file with the most votes will win the prize (obviously)

any questions please mail me at [email protected] or PM me
good luck and regards,
Danny ;)