View Full Version : What are all those ASIC types???/General H/W question

03-08-2004, 10:45 PM
Hello people....

Somebody has here created a topic about type 6 ASIC's....

So.... What are those ASIC types??? I mean, there are lot types of ASIC's like MCU, flash, ram, COBBA, CCONT (in DCT-3), or UPP, UEM etc (in DCT4).

Also, what type of processor do the (DCT-4) UPP's use? Do they use an ARM7TDMI like the DCT 3's?? Also, do they include the same DSP (TI lead, or I am wrong??) like the DCT3's?? Of course, they should have different internal logic, etc, but the principles are the same?

Finally, i would like to congradulate the people of project blacksphere (wwww.blacksphere.tk) who mapped the hardware of 33xx in their site... Is there any equivalent for DCT4's project??