View Full Version : t200 problems

26-08-2004, 05:19 PM
i have one t200 which comes to me with the problem, wrong card, i see in the simlock menu but are all closed, then i try with div to reset gdfs (four locks closed) but not success, then i try to flash, first with different version (R1B007) because i haven't the original version (R7A006), but can't flash the phone, i download the original from www and then not problem for flashing, but now i have different imei and four locks closed, i try to change the imei and div says the original imei but in the phone with *#06# says another imei, i try with rebuild sp area using otp imei but the wrong imei is still there, ok i forget the imei, is not important if the phone works.
i try to reset gdfs but not success, i flash with a copy of gdfs area i backup before i begining with the phone but still the same problem.
i try and try, and at the end i can see the network is open and in another lock there is one try, i test with sim card and phone accept it but i can't make calls and when i try to power off the phone, it stay with the blue lights on, without picture and if i press any key, i can listen the noise.
can anybody helps me with this?

28-12-2004, 01:58 AM
Ive got one also that seems to be doing the same! Please somebody help! I havnt even got a flash file for it!