View Full Version : PST works with my a835, but not java app loader...

19-09-2004, 11:35 AM
i've connected my motorola a835 to my computer, installed the modem, drivers and PST correctly (as it works with my v600) and then when trying to enable the java app loader on the a835, it suspends the phone alright, but then when it gets to reading list of installed java applications on the phone, it fails. is this because the phone hasnt got any games already on there? or is it because PST doesnt support the a835 (which i dont think is true, as it could detect and suspend the phone).

also, can i use the multiflashflex tool to flash the a835? i used it for my v600. and where would i get the newest flash/flex files for the a835?

thanks in advance :)