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17-11-2004, 01:20 PM
Q: I have unlocked my phone, and it accepts another operator's sim card, but it has no network, why?

The reason can be one of the following:

- The phone is barred (barred/blocked/blacklisted)
That means it has been reported stolen or lost, and the network has blocked it from connecting, using the imei.
Some networks share the barred devices list, and once you are barred on one of them - you are barred on all others too.
You can try and change the imei. However, the process requires a lot of experience, and expensive equipement, and also illegal.

- The sim is blocked
This is not a very common problem, the sim has been blocked, because the line was disconnected.
The sim is damaged.
Replace the sim.

- The phone uses a frequency that is not supported by the network.
This problem usually happens with phones made for the u.s market.
There are 4 GSM frequencies: 850,900,1800,1900 MHz.
Most of the phones today support 900/1800/1900 frequencies.
Some don't, so you should check the details of the phone and make sure the network supports the frequency.
No solution to that, sorry, only change networks or replace the phone.

07-12-2009, 07:54 AM
thanks for your informantion....