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01-12-2004, 04:59 PM
Hello there :)

Thanks to the help of all of you here, i was able to keep my 3650 running so far with very few problems. Ocassionally after a shutdown it won't boot the regular way, instead stays at the white screen with "Nokia" but always, taking out the battery for a second or so helps and rebooting it again, it will start fine.

Now i finally was able to get my softwares together to produce nice, short WAV files from ordinary mp3's to be used as ringtones, as i read everywhere that the 3650 does support WAV files for that purpose. I gave up on the "OGG" files, i keep some 100 of them and use the phone as a walkman/mp3 player, but as ringtones - i just can't find the correct version of that "ovcontrol.sis" for the 3650.

Now, to the WAV's. I have created a few, with moderate file sizes. Uploaded them, and they play nice and loud in the "Recorder" thing. However, i can not seem to find them when trying to set them as ringtones. They are in the right folder (e://sounds/digital) but when editing the profiles, i can only find the MID files stored in that same folder. Now, how do i get the WAV files as ringtones? Everyone tells me it is possible... so please, someone tell me how? :)

Another question is about animated GIF's. I have a few of those, some are just cute, others are outright mini movies which play for over a minute. The latter seem to have been created with s60 phones in mind, because with a resolution of 176x120 they fit exactly on the screen. However, none does actually "run" on mine 3650! The "large" ones only show the very first frame, no action at all. And the "small" ones (70x70 or 120x120 resolution) show a very few frames, then stall. All of them "run" perfectly on my boyfriend's 6260, so i assume the actual files are fine and the problem is with mine 3650 somehow.

On a sideline, i also got two animated GIF files that were sent to me via MMS from my network provider. THOSE also run fine! Just the ones i upload via IR won't do. What can i do to get the other ones to run?

I appreciate any help in those two matters :)

Kindest regards.....


01-12-2004, 05:22 PM
...ovcontroller is only for 6600 and up models. since they conform to the mmf extensions format "or something" we
are in the same boat. i tried everything to make my 3650 use
ogg ringtones, can't be done....I think

your animated gif's are fine. compose an mms message, insert the gif, and it will play once... seems it is the 3650's
fault.... you have to use aniviewer or something...

as for those hidden wav files. when you play it in recorder,
save it. then close recorder, open profiles, set ringtone-they sould be there. if not, try saving it in nokia/sounds/digital

also wav files should be converted at 10,800khz.

02-12-2004, 08:22 AM
U can see the animation files by using aniviewer.
Also if u want to set them as a wallpaper, Smartprofiles can make it happen.

Hope this helps..

02-12-2004, 03:06 PM
thread moved.

18-12-2004, 10:12 AM
Hello again :)

Sorry took me a while to get things sorted, now i'm here again. So it is as follows:

When i save the respective gif on the MMC, and open it with the ordinary picture viewer, it will only display the first frame.

If i compse a MMS with that gif attached, it will (for the small and medium size ones!) animate nicely and the way it should, also received animated gif's animate as long as i keep them in the MMS! After storing them to the MMC (and again opening them with the usual picture viewer) they won't animate.

Now i got small (70x70), medium (128x128) and large ones (176x132). Having installed Aniviewer, it will load the small and medium ones, play them nicely. But the big ones (which are the ones i actually want!) are eventually loaded (which takes ages.. they are 178 and 350 kilobytes in size) and it starts to play them - few seconds, then loops back to the beginning. I think Anyviewer can "do" only some 10 frames or so??

Is there any better software/application to use those "Mini Movies"..?

Thank you very much for reply :)

Kind regards.....