View Full Version : A835 unlocking, possible flaw?

01-12-2004, 09:40 PM
hi all,
I need some verification on A835 unlocking procedure. today I unlocked a A835 while playing arround with it - but im not sure why.

steps -
I used PST v.7.11 / Phone Programmer
File/New/Security File
checked all boxes
click send to phone
got some errors on the execution.
at this time I was bit frustrated and stopped leaving to search for netmonitor activation.

when going for the network monitor i found some instructions to enter the testmode screen:
"menu key"and"073887*"
(you will need the security code to enter, most likely "000000" or "123456"-or use victor gsm to read)
it will give you a new screen with:
* Brwoser Setup
* deactivate Sim lock (or so is not there anymore ;o) )

selecting the "sim lock"-thing resulted in questioning for a number code. well as i programmed "0000 .... 0" to it with the pst tool (also there where some errors) i tried this.

and it worked ?!

victor gsm showed a provider lock before (xxx-xx) - now it prints there 80/80 - is this ok?

Took a phone from a friend - it worked there too.....
now im looking for some "confirmation" ;o)

btw there is a cool tool for the A835 called "leadergl flexeditor" - creates flex files for the A835 - for example to activate netmonitoring.

ah jea Im still searching to rip a flash from A835 SMET - is smart-clip able (or the only way to do?)

thx a lot.