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18-12-2004, 12:44 PM
I purchased the C975 yesterday and i am happy with it, the best phone i have to date. I also purchased a usb cable so I can transfer data from the phone to the pc and vise verca. It did not have a sisc and the Bloke told me to download it off the net. The only software I have found is this phonetools. I load it up it tells me to attach the phone and i do, it then satys on the installing your phone screen for well over 5 mins and then it quickly changes onto the phone that appears and it says on it that no picture can be displaye and that it is Intializing. Now i have left it for an hour before and it has still been on this. What software do i need ( I think it is the right one ) and I think I need a driver for it but i cannot find it.

Please help :-?

13-11-2005, 10:38 PM
well..first of all...u don`t need Motorola PhoneTools.. because it`s just a program for phones...u need a driver first.. if u don`t have the cd try downloading driver U8880 for USB V9 then u manage your phone with Handset Manager... and that`s all.... if u don`t manage to resolve this u find me on Yahoo Messenger with apocalypsxxx .... i got all u need..if u don`t find them... ;) What i don`t know is how do i upload to the phone Aplications,Java Games,Themes and Skins...somebody know how ??? mail me @ apocalypsxxx@yahoo.com pls... thank u all!