View Full Version : FFA links site - THE BEST I HAVE SEEN!

30-12-2004, 09:52 PM
the guys who host my site have recently opened a free for all links section to their site (which is really popular) and damn it is good! it is like a topsites website except LOADS better, it is presented really well and doesnt allow banners so it loads really quick, looks really smart too. get your site links on to it quick, the first sites on it will probably be the ones who stay at the top of the sites listing and as it has just been launched so theres not many sites on it. whether you send them hits or not you get to stay on the listing without being deleted, but its best to send hits back to get a higher place, submit your site links, they will see if your sites good enough and approve it if it is! mine got approved and ive stuck a popup on my site to make sure my position on their list is nice and high :-D the link to the site is: